If you are a real fan of American Football, you may know clearly about one man called Adrian Peterson. He is treated as one of the most famous American Football of all time who has been working as an official member of the National Football League for years. He was admired by many people for his excellent skills in college football at Oklahoma and his numerous medals throughout his career. 

In a recent interview some days ago, he shared his feeling about the special connection between him and the NFL: “ I don’t want to retire from the NFL. This is such a second home of me that I have gained many unforgettable memories as well as much experience in my life. In my head, there is always a dream that I can accompany with NFL for many years, about four more years. It has gone through my mind many times. This might be a shining example of my relation with NFL career.” 

“ Why don’t you play American Football for four more years?”- “ Absolutely yes” He confirmed his thinking to all people. 

The player of Washington Redskins who is at the age of 35 – a time when almost players want to retire from work, Adrian Peterson still pursues his dream to play on the field until his legs fall off. “ When I look back to the position that I have owned for many years, I don’t want to regret things that I have not achieved yet. I want to gain the championship and play until I don’t have enough health to continue. That is the reason why I go on playing American football at this time. 

According to the desire of Peterson, he will take part in four-season of NFL from this year. Many people curious about which clubs would him participate in Washington in 2020. Instead of deciding whether he will retire or not on his own, the NFL will be the one that he depends on next time. His big dream is passing the opponent named Smith in four seasons. 

AD had a totally of 1,042 yards in 201 and about 898 last year. He became one of the most potential American football players with brilliance, consisting of 20 yards last year than some other names such as Aaron Jones and Alvin Kamara (five) and Ezekiel Elliott (four). The tournament in 2020 will be the place for famous players from all around the world who want to make a remarkable change in their careers. We all hope that Adrian Peterson can try his best to make his dream come true as a champion of the tournament.