American football – not for kids

American football is the most popular sport in the United States. There are 64 countries in the International Federation of American Football. According to television ratings in America, this sport is the clear number one. According to a Harris Poll poll in late 2018, 37 percent of Americans called it a favorite sport. This is the best result among all team sports with a large advantage. 

In the direction of the NFL (professional league of American football in the United States) has repeatedly heard statements about the dangers of the game. In response, the league has introduced new rules that should reduce the number of injuries. However, this had little impact on one important thing.

The problem with injuries is not solved, as a concussion is still a common phenomenon in the game. But, concussions are not the main enemy. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy of the brain is a disease that is rarely heard of. The disease can cause aggression, memory loss, and more. Learn more from a reliable source. The disease is not only provoked by concussions. It is caused by small tremors, which happen for the game dozens of times (especially with attackers).

“The cause maybe not only concussions but also insufficient for concussion blows with cumulative effect. Playing American football, you earn yourself brain damage. Unfortunately, we found encephalopathy in more than 96% of the former professional players we surveyed.

“It’s almost impossible to play American football without brain damage.”

The National League knows about the disease but does not take it seriously. Asked about the dangers of football, National League spokesman Roger Wooddell said: “It’s dangerous to live, even to sit on the couch.” You can say not so when you get $34,000,000 a year. The purpose of this article was not to put American football in a bad light. The game has long been part of U.S. culture. This post should convey, as for me, important information about this sport.

If you want to send your child to the American football section, take a look at other sports. Thus, even in the survey, professional players, for whom all life – football, noted that they would not give the child in this game. Much of the information was taken from the show “Adam spoil everything.” Season 1, Episode 14. If you watch the episode, you can find out more about it.