American football. The Nantes Dockers have returned to training

At the beginning of September, the Nantes returned to the field of Mangin-Beaulieu to prepare for the new season of D2.

After a shortened season with only 5 days and for the Dockers 5 losses, president-coach Karl Viau hopes his team will have a better season in 2020-21: Apart from two teams that were above the lot, the other three were within our reach. We can do better for our second year at this level.

On the roster, the Dockers can rely on a group of 60 seniors. We have had ten major starts. It is the end of an era and a certain state of mind. We are fortunate to have been able to fill these departures with some interesting recruits. The team is getting younger.

With a junior and junior section with promising youngsters, the club is developing again this year with a minimal team (13 years).

The Flag section works very well with the Dockers with a group of about twenty elements. The Nantes have proven that they dominate this sector. The results take him away with titles in the league, the Coupe de France and in different tournaments. Not to mention three players spotted to join the Group France.

Karl Viau hopes this season will be good for the Dockers. He, who has been in the presidency for three years, decided to leave the vacancy at the end of the championship. I’m a default president. I needed someone and I took up the position to keep the club going, but that role doesn’t suit me. I prefer the field. It takes new blood in the office to bring new ideas. This year we feminized it a little more.

The club needs to have an operating budget of 60,000 euros and is looking for partners to ensure its season.

Before leaving his chair, Karl Viau has his mind turned to the new season which should start in January depending on the health situation.

At the moment, the Toulouse Bears are not bothered by the postponements of matches. It must be said that the American footballers of the Pink City are in the middle of the offseason and are patiently watching on January 16, 2021, the date of the resumption. Currently, the residents of the golden helmet division (French second division) are fine-tuning their physical condition. “The guys are not about to put on the helmets and shoulder pads until the end of October we work on cardio and muscle,” reveals the president-player Arnaud MontgÊnie. “Our seniors also have the chance to be followed by physical trainers from Stade Toulousain with whom we are working this season,” the manager said.