Analysis and prediction of West Ham vs MU in the Premier League (Part 2)

West Ham’s recent results are also very good when the team only received 1 defeat, owned 1 draw and won 3 wins out of the last 5 matches.

At the moment, West Ham only plays in the Premier League, so teachers and coaches David Moyes are also somewhat focused for the tournament, West Ham has won 3 consecutive matches, so before the threshold Against MU, the players of the Olympic Stadium have also had a fairly stable performance. In their last appearance, the club had a slight victory over Aston Villa, a club that had a fairly good record at the beginning but recently has shown signs of short of breath, with the advantage West Ham’s home field quickly dominated the game, but it was not until Bowen scored that victory was in the hands of the host, in the end West Ham won 2-1. With the current performance West Ham can expect a favorable result against MU.

Although there is a home ground in the upcoming match, West Ham is still the underdog and although the rate of peeling in the Asian market is not too high, only 0.5, teachers and coaches David Moyes do not have to choose an option. for investors. In addition, Manchester United’s away form is quite impressive when it only lost 1 game and has 4 wins in the last 5 trips away from home, the total number of goals that strikers brought is also quite high. up to 13 goals. And West Ham is not inferior when the team is conquering the home field, the team owns 4 wins in the last 5 matches at the Olympic Stadium, West Ham’s ability to score is also quite effective with 13 goals in the last series. With the goalscoring performance of both teams in the past compared to the 2.5-3 over / under ratio listed by the house, the door is still a good choice for players in this match.

  • Select: MU
  • Prediction: 1-2
  • Over / Under: Over