Analysis and prediction of West Ham vs MU on December 6 in the Premier League

After a convincing victory over Southampton in the last round, MU temporarily rose to 9th on the Premier League table with 16 points after 9 rounds.

It can be said that, after going through a rather poor period in the first matches of this season, the Manchester Reds are showing clear signs of prosperity in recent rounds. With the current score, MU is full of opportunities to participate in the top 3 of the tournament if there is a victory over West Ham in the upcoming match because of the distance between Solskjaer’s teachers and coaches with Chelsea standing at number one is only 3 points.

Manchester United’s performance in the last 5 appearances is also quite impressive when the team only received 1 defeat and won in all 4 remaining matches. The only team that can defeat the Old Trafford team in this series is PSG, which is a Champions League match, although the side has the advantage of the home field in this match, but everything MU There was only a goal from Rashford and Fred’s second yellow card, while PSG had 3 goals, causing Solskjaer’s teachers and coaches to lose with the final score 1-3. However, it is undeniable that PSG is one of the top clubs in Europe so it is quite difficult to win against the French representative. Having just received defeat in the international arena, but at home, MU has quite a lot of victories in recent times, the students of coach Solskjaer have a series of 3 consecutive wins in the Premier League, so before the clash West Ham, MU has had the best performance. In the upcoming match, MU also has quite a full force, no player is injured or suspended, but Rashford and Luke Shaw are in mild pain, so the ability to play is still open.

On the opponent’s side, West Ham is having a pretty good record in the Premier League this year, although teachers and coaches David Moyes had had a very difficult season before, the 16th place in the final last season helped. West Ham successfully relegated within a narrow margin. Historically, West Ham also did not have outstanding achievements in the domestic arena when regularly in the second half of the rankings. Coming back to this season, West Ham surprised with a very impressive performance, the team is currently ranked 5th on the rankings with 17 cards after 10 rounds, equal to Southampton and Wolves but are ranked above by more than sub-index. Compared to Chelsea and Leicester City who are just above, they are only 2 points worse, so if they win in the next round, West Ham can completely participate in the top 3 on the Premier League table.