Beckham – the hero of American football and LA Galaxy

The contract is about to expire and separation is difficult to avoid. Looking back on the past five years, Beckham, LA Galaxy and the American Professional Football Championship (MLS) can be satisfied with the great contribution of the veteran English midfielder.

On July 13, 2007, Beckham debuted. 5000 people went to LA Galaxy’s Home Depot to witness the historic event. This is the largest number of spectators in the club’s history, every time a player makes a debut.

Beckham immediately demonstrated media appeal. More than 700 news agencies, newspapers and television stations were present at Home Depot to report on the launch of the British midfielder.

Thanks to Beckham’s name, LA Galaxy’s jersey sales increased dramatically. In the summer of 2007 alone, they sold 600,000 units. This figure after five years is 30 million units.

In the five years with Beckham, the audience to watch LA Galaxy matches at home is always an average of 23,000 people per game. The team’s away games also increased by 16% in the audience compared to before Beckham returned. The audience of the MLS tournament also increased significantly, reaching 17,852 people per game, an increase of 7.2% compared to the previous one.

Thanks to Beckham’s reputation, LA Galaxy’s name gradually becomes an attractive brand. Many big European teams such as MU, Barca, Real Madrid, AC Milan … have accepted business cooperation and friendly matches with LA Galaxy.

Beckham is also a magnet with great attraction, drawing Hollywood stars to the Home Depot. Before that, the stars of Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone … just went to watch the LA Lakers basketball team play at the Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Thanks to Beckham, LA Galaxy signed a contract for a record value TV copyright in the MLS with $ 55 million for 10 years.

Since Beckham, LA Galaxy and MLS in general have become more attractive in the eyes of veteran stars in Europe. After Robbie Keane, American fans are waiting for Ronaldinho, Drogba, Lampard, Rio Ferdinand to play in the MLS in the near future.

With Beckham, LA Galaxy boldly expanded its name and influenced the world. The team has toured in China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong. In the near future, the new MLS champion will travel with Beckham to the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

In addition to his huge contributions in the commercial aspect, Beckham is, after all and above all, a professional player, always playing diligently for the colors of the shirt. In the last 2011 season, he kicked 34 games, scored 2 goals, made 15 decisive passes and had a great influence on the success of LA Galaxy.

The 2011 MLS Championship is a sweet and worthy achievement for Beckham and his teammates’ efforts.