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Trump, Shakira, J. Lo and American football – 2020 Super Bowl announcement

The regular season of the National Football League is coming to an end. The 54th Super Bowl will feature The San Francisco Knights and Kansas City Chiefs, and the match will take place on the night of February 2nd to 3rd.

About participants

Kansas started this season very interestingly, they lost three of four preseason games, and from the first four games at home won only one. However, the away team did not lose any of the first four matches. Tennessee’s loss in November was the team’s first and last away game of the season. The Chiefs ended the regular season with six wins in a row, making them the second-best team in the conference. They continued their winning march and two playoff games.

Duel of quarterbacks

Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo played three full seasons in the NFL as starting quarterbacks. Mahomes, the son of a former baseball pitcher, spent his first season on the bench, only once on the football field, and in the second took and became the MVP. In his third year, he led his team to Super Bowl. It’s unbelievable. It is likely that this offseason, Mahomes will sign a new contract that will be the most expensive in the NFL.

San Francisco, on the other hand, started the season incredibly well, winning the first eight games of the season. In the second half of the regular season, there were still three defeats, but even they did not prevent the 49th to take first place in the conference. In the playoffs, San Francisco defeated first Minnesota and then the second NFC team, the Green Bay Packers.

Duel of quarterbacks

Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo played three full seasons in the NFL as starting quarterbacks. Mahomes, the son of a former baseball pitcher, spent his first season on the bench, only once on the football field, and in the second took and became the MVP. In his third year, he led his team to Super Bowl. It’s unbelievable. It is likely that this offseason, Mahomes will sign a new contract that will be the most expensive in the NFL.

Garoppolo began his league career as a backup for Tom Brady and made his NFL debut against the Kansas City Chiefs. At the start of last season, Jimmy played again against Kansas in the third week, in the fourth quarter he headed with the ball to the brow and, instead of going out, ran on. A blow tore a cruciate ligament. After his recovery, Garoppolo spent the full season and led the team to Super Bowl.

Where will it take place?

The meeting will take place in Miami Gardens, Florida, at Hard Rock Stadium. This arena is home to the Miami Dolphins NFL Club and, according to official data, can accommodate just under 65,000 fans, although the record number of spectators is 80,000.

What about the show?

During the Super Bowl break, world-renowned pop singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform. According to CNN, 50-year-old Jay Lo and 42-year-old wife Gerard Pique will present a joint number.

“It is a great honor to perform on one of the largest stages in the world. At the same time, to speak with a colleague who, like me, represents Latinos from the U.S. and around the world. By the way, it’s going to be my birthday. The real American dream,” Shakira said.


Pauses during the Super Bowl match and the accompanying hype are a separate art form. Companies are fighting in the creativity of their commercial, and the price for getting on the air during the match is just cosmic. Showing your 30-second video costs 5.6 million euros. Brewing company Anheuser-Busch, which is a regular participant in “advertising races” during Super Bowl, this time bought “only” four 60-second videos.

Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak on Resistant Coating Military Chemical Agent, Market Size in 2020, Share in Global Manufacturing, Business Growth, Industry Revenue, Demand and Application Market Report to 2026

The impact of the COVID-19 Flash on the Resistant Coating Military Chemical Agent, The Market Report offers a professional vision to draw conclusions and explore market size, market share and competitive environment. The study is based on primary and secondary data sources and includes both qualitative and quantitative detail. Market Impact COVID-19 Flash on Military Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, is based on data on key players, present, past and futuristic data that will serve as a useful guide for all competitors in the market Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on the Military Chemical Agent Resistant Coating,. A well-explained SWOT analysis, revenue share and contact information are presented in this analysis of the report.

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Tyra Banks and the demise of the top model show (Part 3)

According to statistics of The Atlantic, from the first season to the 20th season, ANTM held the No. 1 position in the US reality television world.

In particular, in season one to nine, this series keeps a steady view of about 5 million viewers/episode.

From 2007 to 2010, the series Next Top founded by Tyra Banks was rated the most attractive on CW TV. Brands are willing to spend $ 61,315 for every 30 seconds of advertising. This number was a record high in 2011, outperforming the rest of the programs on CW.

Not only in the US, but Tyra’s program is also even more powerful when more than 40 countries and regions buy copyright and production. In each country, the format has a certain difference. This makes the Next Top Model series become diverse and attract many classes of audiences.

Although America’s Next Top Model is the pride of Tyra Banks, it comes with negative prejudices from experts.

“The Godfather Chanel” Karl Lagerfeld once frankly criticized the show for nothing. “This trash is only funny for 5 minutes if you are with someone or it is not at all funny if you are alone. Those young girls will never be like supermodels. They are of no use to the fashion industry”, he stressed.

Allure magazine said that ANTM attracts viewers only because of the quarrels between girls, not really impressive. “ANTM can’t actually train a single model. By comparison, American Idol contestants have many better chances of working even if they don’t win”, the article wrote.

Indeed, while it is called the top model training program, the Next Top series does not accomplish this. The program was born in America, the oldest fashion center of the world. This place has produced and gathered many supermodels that Tyra Banks themselves must respect and succumb to.

Because of that, the fact that the program is criticized “not to train any supermodels” is also predictable. Because, no one can become a supermodel, top model within 14 short episodes.

In the history of the competition, two really successful contestants, in line with the direction of training the top model in America are Leila Goldkuhl (Top 3 season 19) and vitiligo model Winnie Harlow (Top 6 season 21 ).

After stepping out from ANTM, Winnie Harlow was noticed for her distinctive look. She has worked with many brands, typically Moschino and Julien Macdonald. In addition, the top 6 ANTM steps on the runway Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018.

Candidate Leila Goldkuhl is really “top model” in accordance with the program’s criteria. After ANTM, Goldkuhl continues to work in couture. In 2016, she debuted as a professional model on Givenchy’s runway in New York, USA.

As a natural rule, America’s Next Top Model from a popular reality TV show was no longer the spiritual dish expected by audiences.

Lack of good scripts, unsatisfactory winners, declining quality, or Tyra Banks no longer confident in their own charm are the reasons why the show falls into a dead end.

The number of 1.7 million views per episode in season 20 (2013) of ANTM proves that this series has gradually come to an “end”. By 2015, the CW channel officially stopped broadcasting ANTM due to the decrease in advertising, the view at the bottom.

In 2016, VH1 revived the cult model series. However, the ratings and sales figures are not very satisfactory. Also because of the drop in rating, the “mother” of Next Top Model made a bold decision to stop being a host after 13 years. This position was replaced by less-known singer Rita Ora.

Tyra Banks thinks it’s time for the program to reform. She said, “The most interesting thing for me is to have selected a direction for America’s Next Top Model’s comeback when the host of the show is a singer-actress, not a model. I want to create more great things in the new season ”.

The owner of the hit I Won’t Never Let You Down is expected to attract audiences, especially young people. However, this is considered a wrong decision, Tyra’s step backward.

American football – not for kids

American football is the most popular sport in the United States. There are 64 countries in the International Federation of American Football. According to television ratings in America, this sport is the clear number one. According to a Harris Poll poll in late 2018, 37 percent of Americans called it a favorite sport. This is the best result among all team sports with a large advantage. 

In the direction of the NFL (professional league of American football in the United States) has repeatedly heard statements about the dangers of the game. In response, the league has introduced new rules that should reduce the number of injuries. However, this had little impact on one important thing.

The problem with injuries is not solved, as a concussion is still a common phenomenon in the game. But, concussions are not the main enemy. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy of the brain is a disease that is rarely heard of. The disease can cause aggression, memory loss, and more. Learn more from a reliable source. The disease is not only provoked by concussions. It is caused by small tremors, which happen for the game dozens of times (especially with attackers).

“The cause maybe not only concussions but also insufficient for concussion blows with cumulative effect. Playing American football, you earn yourself brain damage. Unfortunately, we found encephalopathy in more than 96% of the former professional players we surveyed.

“It’s almost impossible to play American football without brain damage.”

The National League knows about the disease but does not take it seriously. Asked about the dangers of football, National League spokesman Roger Wooddell said: “It’s dangerous to live, even to sit on the couch.” You can say not so when you get $34,000,000 a year. The purpose of this article was not to put American football in a bad light. The game has long been part of U.S. culture. This post should convey, as for me, important information about this sport.

If you want to send your child to the American football section, take a look at other sports. Thus, even in the survey, professional players, for whom all life – football, noted that they would not give the child in this game. Much of the information was taken from the show “Adam spoil everything.” Season 1, Episode 14. If you watch the episode, you can find out more about it.


The Global American Football Helmet Market Report Size 2020 provides the latest industry data and trends in the future, allowing you to recognize products and end-users who inherited revenue growth and profitability. The report lists American football’s helmet of major competitors and provides strategic insights into an industry that affects the market.

COVID-19 can affect the global economy in three main areas: directly affecting production and demand, creating supply chains and destabilizing the market, and its financial impact on firms and financial markets.

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.American Football Casca is part of the protective equipment used mainly in American football and Canadian football. It consists of a rigid plastic shell with a thick pad on the inside, a face mask made of one or more plastic coating metal rods, and a chin strap. Each position has a different type of face mask to protect balance and visibility, and some players add polycarbonate visors to helmets that are used to protect the eyes from bright light and exposure. Helmets are requirements at all levels of organized football, except for no tackle options such as flag football.

 . Although they are defensive, players can and still suffer head injuries like concussions, there are three types of American football helmets: the Youth American Football Helmets and the adult American Football Helmets. The data of the report showed that 81.86% of the demand in the market of American T-shirt helmets in high school (10-14 years) and high school (15-18 years), 18.15% in adult American football helmets sold in America football adult player (as an amateur player and profession player) in 2018, the competition in the market is very intense.

 Riddell, Schutt, Xena and VICIS, SG Caskey are industry leaders and they occupy key technologies and patents, with high-end consumers; were formed into a monopoly position in the industry. The global Market American football helmet is estimated to be worth $146.9 million in 2020, expected to reach $159.9 million by the end of 2026, growing by an average of 1.2% during 2021-2026., this report focuses on the American football helmet in the global market, especially in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, South America, the Middle East and the Middle East. This report classifies a market based on manufacturers, regions, type and applications.

Trubisky’s going to get a second chance. But which team?

Chicago quarterback Mitch Trubisky appeared on the field for only one snap in the loss against the Saints. He went for a takeaway and scored three yards, but suffered a shoulder injury.”Mitch is good. He is given the maximum importance of the role in which he is now. He is useful for us as a player who can score yards, including kicks. In every game, we would like to use his strengths so that our opponents have to prepare for such situations,” Bears head coach Matt Nagy said after the match.

As a result, Trubisky may have played his last draw in the form of “Chicago.” He will get his next chance in the new season and another team. He, like Ryan Tannehill before him, will have to prove his worth through the role of a backup. But he’ll definitely have a second chance. They’re always given to quarterbacks.

“Mitch has good sides. Athleticism, for example. Strong throw, mobility. He’ll get an opportunity elsewhere. It doesn’t matter that he was selected in the first round,” said ESP analyst Matt Bowen, who spent six years in the NFL. But which teams could host Trubisky? We talked about it with Bowen and an anonymous top manager of one of the league teams.

“I don’t think he’s a very good quarterback. Right now, he’s perfect for the role of spare. If I were his agent, I would be looking for a team with a good reputation for developing the seventh,” the manager said.

At Tennessee, Ryan Tannehill went from being a disappointment to a player of Proboul’s caliber. He got his second chance after a bad period for Miami and took advantage of it. But do not forget that Tannehill very seriously won and due to a favorable environment.

“The Titans have a very specific model of a pass play. The attack is built around the takeaway, and the pass benefits from the threat of takeaway. Lots of play-action and clear rules for reading pass options. The quarterback knows, “Well, I’m showing the takeaway, I’m looking at the receiver in the depths, I’m putting my foot in the turf and throwing it.” He knows exactly who is option Number 1 in a separate draw. If there is an opportunity to throw a pass – the ball will fly into the goal. If not, we move on to the second option.

Mitch is able to react correctly to situations when the first version of the pass is closed. He can extend the kicking draw, come up with something on the go. But before that, the draw is built on a specific scheme. Tannehill got to do that,” Bowen said.

When Tannehill throws a pass in-depth, in most cases it is not improvisation. Bowen argues that Trubisky will have the strength of his hand to make such a prank: “These long-range throws are also planned. For example, in a situation of the first-and-ten in the area of the center of the field. You can put three tight ends and provide the quarterback with maximum protection. Trubisky has trouble reading the defense as the whole draw progresses. When the draw scenario is not consistent enough, Mitch is a little lost.”

Plus, in “Titeens” the responsibility for the result will be on the shoulders of another performer.

“Every time it’s Derrick Henry’s benefit. They’ve got the whole attack locked up. Tannehill is rarely asked to win a match on his own. He doesn’t throw that much at all. No one puts pressure on him to say, “Here’s the ball, get us a win,” the NFL manager said. Now the Browns have a backup, Case Keenan. But at the Vikings, for example, Cousins remains the only quarterback with a contract for the 2021 season.

“Cleveland has the same offense as Minnesota. This is Gary Ubiak’s school. With a lot of movement, a lot of deceptive maneuvers, the quarterback is guided by specific clues and draws unequivocal conclusions. The player often has the opportunity to read the routes from top to bottom and start from the actions of a single defender,” Bowen said. Mike Simmer has previously called the Vikings a takeaway team. The problem is that these clubs have a hard time if they fall behind in the score and have to play a lot of passes. Still, in Minnesota, Trubisky would have felt in his place.

Growth of the American Football Spitting 2020 Global Industry Size, Analysis, Share, Trends, Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Impact analysis of Covid-19 on the forecast to 2025

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As part of the COVID-19 outbreak, the development of the American Football Spitting Industry is also detailed in Chapter 1.7 of the report.

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“Very passionate and passionate. This weekend kicks off the premiere of a new sports reality show for Ukraine”

The Women’s League of American Football fascinates not only with the beauty of the bodies, but also with animal aggression, lack of fear of injury in limited form, and struggle until the last seconds.

Legends Football League is a women’s league of American football, established in 2013. Previously, the game was called Lingerie Football League (Football League in underwear). The peculiarity of the game is that in addition to the protection of clothing on the players there is only a bra and shorts.

What’s the point? What are the rules?

The goal of the game is to score the maximum number of points, tossing the ball into the opponent’s scoring zone (touchdown) or overcoming as many yards as possible in the direction of the opponent’s scoring zone. The team with the most points wins.

Between the fights, there are replacements of players, which allow the coach to choose the best line-up of the team for each particular situation.

What chips? 

Most of the athletes are former professional football players, volleyball players or basketball players. The team is strictly selected on three important criteria: athleticism, beauty, and self-confidence. 

The uniforms of football players deserve special attention. That’s what some of them said.

Heather Ferr, Chicago Bliss quarterback: “I think when little girls watch our game, they can see not only the form, but also the role model.”

Toledo Crush player Maria Condrick said: “Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Just sit down and watch. You will forget about our clothes after the first powerful collision.”

Some players have reacted to the form ambiguously or positively. One of them said, “I just appreciate football, I don’t care what I’m wearing,” while another spoke out for limited clothing, saying, “I’m so comfortable.”

Cool. Where to look?

Watch on weekends at 14:40 from November 7 on Sony Turbo premiere of the LFL Women’s League 2019 women’s league games on MEGOGO in the subscription “Maximum”.

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Steelers-Ravens: the promise of pure American football

We finished Week 7 having clear why we fell in love with the sport. A sport that is capable of turning 10 seconds into 5 minutes, and in that time frame, is capable of changing the fate of the game. A sport that does not allow anyone to make predictions, to feel safe, that does not allow you to breathe until the clock shows the figures 0:00 – and it is not said. As the Lions teach, on a drive of just 1 minute 4 seconds, with zero timeouts available, they scored a TD at the end of the last quarter and, despite a 15-yard penalty, managed to complete the transformational kick to win 23-22. Overtime escaped by a breath.

OT also avoided for the Saints thanks to Marcus Davenport’s sack on Teddy Bridgewater that took the Panthers out of the one-yard field goal range; and for the Steelers, not so much by divine grace but by Gostkowski who, not scoring the 3 points, determines Tennessee’s first loss this season.

And if these extra misses were similar to Seattle-Arizona’s 9 minutes and 40 minutes, then maybe it’s good that the games ended in regular time, sparing us a visit – otherwise certain – from the cardiologist. A game that, when it seemed over, called everything into question between penalties and interceptions that weighed much more than a few yards and a few percentages in statistics for Wilson and his team.

But these are the games that make us dream, which shows us that there are no sports like football. That this sport was born to be spectacular. That although you don’t cheer for any team on the field, despite not being a final or a divisional game, despite being in the middle of the regular season, you go to sleep with your heartbeat that is still in tachycardia. With his breath breathed and his throat dry as he screamed to hold that ball or block that player. With clothes stuck on for anxiety and excitement – and maybe also because exulting we spilled what we were drinking.

Ideally, this is what every fan would like to experience every weekend, from mid-September to early February.

Week 8 opens with a Thursday Night not exciting but surprising in the sense that it sees the Falcons take home their second win, against the Panthers who, compared to the previous week, were almost unrecognizable. Watching the other matches, Sunday’s Ravens-Steelers clash, he begins to feel the adrenaline-pumping taste on his tongue.

Leaving aside the historic rivalry between the two franchises, both teams will enter the field with more to prove than AFC North Division dominance: Pittsburgh wants to maintain its record as the only undefeated team, and the Ravens – who only come out losers from Week 3 against the Chiefs – not only want to stop the winning streak of ‘Big Ben’ but want to prove that Baltimore’s best defense is.

The Steelers arrive at M&T Bank Stadium with the defense granting the fewest yards per game, while the Ravens welcome guests by fielding the defense that concedes the fewest points. According to cornerback Jimmy Smith, with the Ravens since 2011 – the year he was selected with the 27th draft pick- ‘In these games, the defense has always been decisive. You know who their quarterback is and you know what their offense is capable of doing. But these matches result in heavyweight fights that are ultimately determined by the defense that plays best.’

Why does the North American Football League (MLS) have no form of relegation (Part 4)

The American Professional Basketball (NBA) tournament is a unified prize, but it is divided into the same region.

However, when dividing the region like this, there will be cases where the second ranked team in this region has a higher score than the championship team of another region, from which the team with the higher performance must yield to the championship series for lower performing teams. So in basketball, baseball, … all have qualifying places for teams that do not champions the region. The result was a series of games to secure the championship, from at least 10 teams in the baseball tournament to 16 teams in the basketball tournament.

The professional tournaments in North America are not in the form of promotion and relegation, but there are teams that play in small leagues. These teams are either affiliated with or affiliated with the major league teams so they don’t have to worry about the players or even the revenue. While the big teams don’t have to worry about relegation, teams with poor performance can think of next season even if it isn’t over yet.

This generally helps the North American pro league system to be more stable and balanced between teams in a league; but limited opportunities for investment as well as for teams from small cities. In addition, the problem with TV rights holders in two different regions makes it difficult for the North American Professional Football Championship to form relegation.

The American football tournament was born after a long time, so although it did not divide the tournament too detailed, it still kept the form of championship competition with a series of matches to help the North American audience feel familiar. And the knockout format generally generates more revenue because there will be important matches and a cup final that takes place every year, rather than a long, dramatic 38th round that takes place like in Europe.