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This serious incident was actually happened in Brisbane city on February 19th, 2020. According to Fox Sport title, American Football named as Rowan Baxte has burned his own car which was parked on the street near his mother’s house. Then he killed himself by a knife.

The moment Rowan setted on a fire, his three little childrens named Laianah, Aalizah , Trey respectively 6, 4 and 3 years old,  was in the car and unluckily these beautiful girls suffered the death by fire. His wife known as Hannah was severely burned but she tried her best to get out of the car. “ Help !! This inhuman person poured gasoline over me “. After hearing her loudly scream, some neighbors  helped to bring Hannah to hospital. Due to her serious injuries, she passed away in the age of 31

“ This was such a horrifying scene “ a police said when he was at the place of the incident. Until now, authorities are also looking into the main reason and don’t have any oficial informs yet. This news caused  great sensation and attracted many people’s care. Some claimed that this sadly action was due to conflict between he and his wife at that time. “ My cousins as well as my little sister was all killed instantly by a person that they looked up to. All people whoever knew them also have great impression.” Nat Clark- the victim’s brother said. 

Rowan Baxte established his reputation as a famous American football player. He had been playing for New Zealand Warriors for such a long time. He has retired and now worked as a personal trainer. Hannah also had great passion on sports and achieved some individual prizes for trampoline. Rowan always setted a shining example as a good father who was willing to sacrifice anything for his childrens. But he turned into another person after the divorce. 

This awful tragedy made a great angry to everyone who have ever loved him before. His facebook account is the place where people can commemorate for unlucky victims. 

Brief introduction of American Football (Part 2)


When a player scores a touchdown that worth of six points to their team. A touchdown can be scored by either delivering the ball into the end zone or receiving the ball from a pass whilst in the end zone. After a touchdown has been recorded, the attacking team have chance to kick the ball for an extra point. The ball must deliver between the upright posts for a successful kick.

A field goal can be made from anywhere on the pitch at any time (usually on the final down) and a successful kick will be worth of three points. A safety is where the defensive team manages to follow and tackle an attacking opponent in their own end zone; for this the team will receive 2 points.

Winning the Game

The team that win the most points at the end of the game will be the winner. If the points are tied then over time will come into play where the teams will compete an additional quarter until a winner is announced.

Rules of American Football

Each aame last for four quarters of 15 minute. There are 2 minute break between the 1st & 2nd and 3rd & 4th quarters and a 15 minute rest between 2nd and 3rd quarters (half time).

Each team has 4 downs to gain at least 10 or more yards. They can deliver the ball by  either throwing or running the ball to make the yards. As soon as the team gains the required yards then the downs are reset and the yardage resets. Failure to make the yardage after 4 downs, the match will enter a turnover.

There are hundreds of different matches that players can run on any down. Plays are made up by the teams and often have players running all over the field (routes) in what is essentially organised chaos. The head coach or quarterback calls the on field area plays for the attacking team whilst the defensive captain calls the plays for the defensive team.

At the beginning of every game is the coin toss to determine which team receives the ball first and which side of the pitch they want to begin with.

The game staets with a kick-off where one team punts the ball down field for the other team to then run back with the ball as far as possible.


As the greatest player of American football, Tom Brady, whose wife is supermodel Gisele Bundchen, has such a dream life which makes the whole world have to be jealous. 

On the March 2020, Tom Brady, 42 years old, decided to leave New England Patriots after 20 years of being part of. This event has been the most highlighted news for many weeks. Brady enlisted Patriots as a player since the very first day he took part in NFL as a professional American football player. He is also appraised to be GOAT – the greatest American football player of all time.

These above titles can speak volumes. Along with Patriots, Brady took part in 9 matches of Super Bowl (the final of NFL) and won 6 titles – more than any American football player in the history. He won 4 titles as the most outstanding Super Bowl player and other 3 titles as the most outstanding player of NFL. Apart from these titles, Brady is also well-known for a legendary Super Bowl match in 2017, which is also known as ”the 28-3 match”. At that time, Atlanta Falcon seemed to be the winner when leading the match with a score of 28-3, however, then Patriots was the one who gained the victory with the final score of 34-28. 

Not only succeed on the football pitch, but Brady also has a completely perfect life. Tom has the impressive height of 1m93 and married one of the most gorgeous woman of the world – supermodel Gisele Bundchen. 

To stand on the position where he is now, Brady has been through a lot of ups and downs, hard-working days of training and he has never given up on his way of upgrading American football playing skills.

Brief introduction of American Football (Part 1)

American Football is one of the biggest and most famous sport in Northern America. Whilst the game is enjoyed and played worldwide, the professional leagues in North America (such as the NFL) easily attract the best footballers in the world making it the most competitive league. The pinnacle of the sport comes in the form of the Super Bowl completed every year for millions of people around the world to enjoy.

Object of the Game

The object of American football is to score the most points possible or at least more than your opponents in the allotted time. To do this players must lead the ball down the pitch in phases of play before eventually moving the ball into the ‘end zone’ for a touchdown. This can be achieved by either transfering the ball to a teammate or running with the ball till the end zone.

Each team gets 4 chances (downs) to run with the ball within 10 yards forward. Once they get over the 10 yards their downs reset and they begin again for another 10 yards. After 4 downs have passed and they haven’t success to make it over the 10 yards required, the ball will be turned over to the other team.

Players & Equipment

Whilst there are only 11 players from each team on the field in each match, an American football team actually consists of 45 players. The teams are commonly divided into three groups of attacking (generally stronger, smaller, faster type of players, including a quarterback who is responsible for running the attacking plays and throwing the ball to their teammates), defence (larger, more powerful players responsible for stopping players from running) and special team players (responsible for the kicking and punting side of the game with a combination of larger and faster players).

An American football field is generally about 100 yards long and 160 yards wide. Lines are drawn on the field at 10 yard interval to show how far each team has to move before reaching the end zone. The end zones are designed at each end of the pitch and are approximately 20 yards in length. Posts are also set up at each end of which the kicker moves the ball over.


Nowadays, football is becoming more and more  popular and takes the lead in sport in USA. It overtakes soccer and plays an important part as basketball. Why does people have a great interest in this game ? Let’s get an overall look at some facts below!


  • How to play American Football ?                                                                                          

American Football is known as the professional and favourite team sport in USA. It originated from the sports of soccer and rugby, but there are some significant differences between the rules and features. In USA, the most popular forms of this game are professional, college and youth football.

American football stadiums are usually 100 yards ( about 91 meters long ), devided into 5 parts with 5 yards for each part. It is marked by 19 white lines  and at the end of each yard is the end-zone. There are some other things we should bear in mind such as: goal line, end-line and goal posts.

A national football team can include up to 40-50 people and have 3 small team:

  • Offensive Unit
  • Defensive Unit
  • Special Teams Unit


  • Characteristics of this game

Football is a game which demands full of energy and involves sickening crashes. Hence, American Football players are always running the risk of serious injury such as : some bruises on their face, ass, shoulder, finger also…After training consecutively in a short time, they often suffer from chronic body pain. Even when they dont play, these terrible pain is still very bad. 

  • Rules of American Football

According to the basic rules, attacking team have only  4 times to play. Their role is to find a way to make the ball go ahead and attempt to have the ball gone into opponent’s field for 10 yards ( about 0,91 meters long ). They should try their best to win, otherwise, they have to give place to other teams. 

  • Some popular competitions

In the United States, The National Football League ( (NFL) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association ( NCAA ) are the most favorite football leagues. It has the highest attendance of any professional sports league in the world. However, football is also known as a dangerous game which involves many kicks and fierce battles. Therefore, players are required to wear a set of equipment. They look like mighty warriors ready to go out for war.