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Beckham – the hero of American football and LA Galaxy

The contract is about to expire and separation is difficult to avoid. Looking back on the past five years, Beckham, LA Galaxy and the American Professional Football Championship (MLS) can be satisfied with the great contribution of the veteran English midfielder.

On July 13, 2007, Beckham debuted. 5000 people went to LA Galaxy’s Home Depot to witness the historic event. This is the largest number of spectators in the club’s history, every time a player makes a debut.

Beckham immediately demonstrated media appeal. More than 700 news agencies, newspapers and television stations were present at Home Depot to report on the launch of the British midfielder.

Thanks to Beckham’s name, LA Galaxy’s jersey sales increased dramatically. In the summer of 2007 alone, they sold 600,000 units. This figure after five years is 30 million units.

In the five years with Beckham, the audience to watch LA Galaxy matches at home is always an average of 23,000 people per game. The team’s away games also increased by 16% in the audience compared to before Beckham returned. The audience of the MLS tournament also increased significantly, reaching 17,852 people per game, an increase of 7.2% compared to the previous one.

Thanks to Beckham’s reputation, LA Galaxy’s name gradually becomes an attractive brand. Many big European teams such as MU, Barca, Real Madrid, AC Milan … have accepted business cooperation and friendly matches with LA Galaxy.

Beckham is also a magnet with great attraction, drawing Hollywood stars to the Home Depot. Before that, the stars of Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone … just went to watch the LA Lakers basketball team play at the Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Thanks to Beckham, LA Galaxy signed a contract for a record value TV copyright in the MLS with $ 55 million for 10 years.

Since Beckham, LA Galaxy and MLS in general have become more attractive in the eyes of veteran stars in Europe. After Robbie Keane, American fans are waiting for Ronaldinho, Drogba, Lampard, Rio Ferdinand to play in the MLS in the near future.

With Beckham, LA Galaxy boldly expanded its name and influenced the world. The team has toured in China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong. In the near future, the new MLS champion will travel with Beckham to the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

In addition to his huge contributions in the commercial aspect, Beckham is, after all and above all, a professional player, always playing diligently for the colors of the shirt. In the last 2011 season, he kicked 34 games, scored 2 goals, made 15 decisive passes and had a great influence on the success of LA Galaxy.

The 2011 MLS Championship is a sweet and worthy achievement for Beckham and his teammates’ efforts.


The outbreak of COVID around the world has prevented people from getting together in one place and many activities have to be postponed until the pandemic is controlled completely. Training camp – a famous event of the NFL ( National Football League ) is treated as one of the most appealing things for sports lovers, especially anyone who is hooked on American football. However, this year should be an exception that the header of the programma has to release a number of players in order to protect people from being affected by the pandemic.

There are about a total of 38 players from both high schools as well as colleges who miss the chance to take part in the event of NFL on Saturday. The NFL teams decided to release the participants to 53 people so that the virus doesn’t have a chance to spread in the community. Among players from Alabama schools, 13 people have not graduated yet and they don’t have opportunities to join the preseason due to the bad situation of the global pandemic.

According to the official list of the NFL, some viral names such as Prince Tega Wanogho, Lachavious Simmons will be the most impressive appearance on the game day because they have much experience who can give big motivation for players to make remarkable performance. 23 players were thought to have been on NFL rosters in 2020 and they seem to come back with youthful energy and good condition. Although the pandemic has made everything become more difficult, the spirit of all teams will never change. 

If you followed the 2019 sporting event of the NFL, you may know some interesting facts: Angelo Blackson won 15 games for the Houston Texans, Trent Scott surpassed other teams by starting 9 games continuously and Robert Foster had advantage when winning 26 games for the Buffalo Bills. These are treated as the most successful results of some popular American Footballers that the other generation should learn. 

When it comes to NFL cut-down days, many players feel nervous about their ability to participate in the game. In Sunday’s afternoon, the coach of each team will sign a contract with the representatives of the NFL and have a short of time to practice before the game. Due to the coronavirus, the number of teams has been broadened from 10 to 16 players and six people among them will not be vulnerable to some limitations on their NFL experience


When asking about the writer that has deep knowledge about the history of the NFL from the beginning, we should call for Michael Maccambridge. He spent at least five years researching everything that relates to this famous league and visited a lot of teams around the world. In an interview, he said that the NFL is developing strongly and overcoming a lot of hardships thanks to many talented and considerate leaders across generations. 

According to MacCambridge’s sharing, the Washington NFL team is among the rare cases that face up to many obstacles since it opened many years ago. Have you ever been curious about the owners of NFL teams from different countries around the world? Let’s follow this post to update some interesting information.  The owner we want to discuss is Daniel Snyder – who became the leader of the NFL team when he was just 21 years old. He had to overcome a lot of difficulties due to the lack of experience and bad luck at that time. 

Snyder now has to find suitable solution to some serious matters of the club. “ The Washington Football team now needs to be updated immediately if they want to develop in the near future. In some people’s points of view, it looks like a kite up in a tree which is very difficult to get out.”- MacCambridge shared his thinking about the NFL team. “ I know that fans around the world are waiting for a new feature of the NFL team. Some changes should be made on time to meet spectators’ requirements and help them feel more comfortable. 

If you often update sports news, you will realize how bad the Washington NFL team is due to the irresponsibility of the header. At the beginning of this year, people witnessed an improvement in the way he organizes the team. He used to decline the interview of a reporter some months ago but now he comes back with good news. He puts all his attempts to make the Washington NFL team better but everything won’t go as scheduled. Before the start of the 2020 NFL season, the team made a serious crisis which forced Snyder to think carefully about his positions and what he has done over the years. 

Forbes reveals the best money-making athletes on the planet

According to Forbes magazine of America, the captain of the Portuguese team, Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest income athlete in the world. 

The Real Madrid superstar is the first footballer to hold No. 1 on the planet’s highest paid 100 athletes annual rankings, with $88 million in the past 12 months – $6.6 million more than Enemies on the Barcelona side, Lionel Messi, the player is in second place.

There are 5 UK athletes in the top 100. F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton ranked 11th with 46 million USD, followed by Rory McIlroy at 17th place with 42.6 million USD, Gareth Bale in 25th place with 35.9 million, Wayne Rooney in 49th place with 26.1 million USD and Andy Murray in 74th place with 23 million USD.

Statistics from Forbes show that this is the first time since 2000 that a player besides golfer Tiger Woods or former boxer Floyd Mayweather has been leading the income rankings. In fact, Woods fell to 12th place, with earnings of just $45 million confirmed over the past 12 months.

Mayweather is at number 16, one position above McIlroy, new athletes earning $7.6 million in bonuses, bringing the income to $35 million.

Only two female athletes in the top 100 are the number 1 American tennis player, Serena Williams ($28.9 million) in 40th and Russian tennis queen Maria Sharapova ($21.9 million) at number 88.

FedEx Cup champion Jordan Speith ($52.8 million) is the fastest advancer of the year, jumping from 85th to 9th. American golfer, 23 year old player next July. He is also the youngest player on the list, younger than Barcelona striker Neymar.

There are 10 different sports and representatives from 23 countries make it into the top 100 best money-making athletes on the planet, where the US (65) is dominated by high incomes in sports such as baseball, rugby and American football.

Forbes figures include all salaries and bonuses from June 1, 2015 through June 1, 2016, with estimated confirmed earnings from sponsorship deals and advertising deals.

Top 20 highest income athletes in the world

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), football, earns $88.0 million

2. Lionel Messi (Argentina), football, income 81.4 million

3. LeBron James (USA), basketball, earning 77.2 million USD

4. Roger Federer (Switzerland), tennis, income 67.8 million USD

5. Kevin Durant (USA), basketball, income 56.2 million USD

6. Novak Djokovic (Serbia), tennis, income 55.8 million USD

7. Cam Newton (USA), American football (rugby) 53.1 million USD

8. Phil Mickelson (USA), golf, income 52.9 million USD

9. Jordan Spieth (USA), golf, earns 52.8 million USD

10. Kobe Bryant (USA), basketball, earning 50.0 million USD

11. Lewis Hamilton (UK), F1 racing, earns $46.0 million

12. Tiger Woods (USA), golf, income 45.3 million USD

13. Eli Manning (USA), American football, income 45.0 million USD

14. Joe Flacco (USA), American football, income 44.5 million USD

15. Tom Brady (USA), American football, income 44.1 million USD

16. Floyd Mayweather (USA), boxing, income 44.0 million

17. Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), golf, earning 42.6 million USD

18. Russell Wilson (USA), American football, income 41.8 million

19. Sebastian Vettel (Germany), F1 racing, earning 41.0 million USD

20. Philip Rivers (USA), American football, income 38.0 million.


In a recent interview, the representatives of two famous conferences ( the Big Ten and Pac-12 ) have informed some important news which relates to the Coronavirus. They decided to postpone the football season until spring when this dangerous disease will be controlled effectively. The three conferences such as the Atlantic Coast Conference, Southeastern Conference and the Big 12 all agreed to delay the competition to protect people’s health. The number of spectators who will be allowed to enter the stadium also a matter that they should take into consideration right now. 

“ As you can see, the Coronavirus has led to many empty stadiums in the United States. This is the main reason why some small college towns are going to be destroyed.” Joshua Hendrickson shared his thinking about the downside of this disease. “ A lot of businesses are being delayed and we have to face up to many difficulties.” He added. 

On Saturdays in Fall, fans of this port often get along together and discuss about the performances of NFL players. More than 107,000 people come here to attend the match directly and they can cheer for their idols. However, the 2020 season witnessed a downturn in the revenue of the NFL because the Big Ten athletic conference decided to cancel the competition until 2021. 

According to some economists, the college game doesn’t make a great effect on the economy of the United States. Some people asked whether global pandemic will be the one that makes everything become worse. The answer is absolutely yes. On Saturday, the president of American Donald Trump spoke out his thinking about college football: “ I hope that in the near future, this type of sport will come back.” “ I think that a lot of people want to play it to help them become stronger, healthier and have more energy.” Trump told to a reporter. 

Can you imagine how America’s College Towns will be if there is no football ever? In Some famous places such as Iowa City, Pennsylvania,… all activities must be stopped to make sure that no one will have a positive test for COVID 19. Football is among the most things that attract a lot of travelers to come, but now people can not go to other nations due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus.  


Have you ever heard of Mike Tomlin before ? He is treated as a famous American football coach who is the leader of Pittsburgh Steelers. To be known as the youngest coach in NFL ( National football league ), he has undergone a lot of difficulties and tried to overcome all of it by his own effort. Throughout his career, he achieved various types of prizes, especially becoming the winner of Super Bowl XLIII. He has a huge number of international fans who love his skills as well as his unique playing. 

In a recent interview last day, he shared his thinking to the reporter about the serious lack of diversity in the NFL tournament. Tomlin is one of the rare people who are willing to speak out the remarks towards a league. He realizes some downsides of the NFL and really wants to give some advice about the way to make it better. NFL should recruit more professional coaches as well as the talented directors who have clear plans to improve everything. 

The president of the Steelers and some other professionals also expressed their agreement to the idea of Tomlin: “ I absolutely know about the need to solve diversity issue and all Coach Tomlin has said is right.” He told. “ I think that the committee of the NFL should take it into consideration to develop our processes so that the players can have more chances to take in the league. I hope that in one day there will have a remarkable change and have more good reviews about our organization. However, it needs time to be done.” 

Tomlin is now working as the executive board of the Locksley league. This will develop a list of talented coaches such as Tomlin – the director of Ozzie Newsome, Alabama – leader of Nick Saban,…and many other well-known people. Unfortunately, due to the hard control of the dangerous pandemic, people are finding all ways to improve the situation and continuously discuss about it. COVID 19, which can make all seasons be postponed and create dramatic changes to NFL, may lead to the staffs’ cutbacks one day. 

If this matter continues to happen, no more coach will be recruited because there don’t have enough money to pay the salary for all. Many people are thinking about the solution and more measures will be taken to hire more executives as well as coaches for the NFL in the future.  

Who are famous American players in the Premier League?

Bob Bradley may be the first American coach to set foot in the Premier League, but this land has long been a paradise for many fellow players. 

Here are the Top 10 most prominent.

1. Clint Dempsey

Dempsey joined Fulham from the New England Revolution in 2006. He quickly became a hero here, scoring 60 goals in 225 appearances for the London team.

Dempsey’s career thought to turn pages when he moved to Tottenham in 2012, but it was a step back to forget. Dempsey was constantly on the bench at Spurs and lost his reputation.

2. Jozy Altidore

Altidore made a big splash at the old New York Red Bulls team before arriving at Hull in 2009. However, the new football environment overwhelmed the young striker and did not attract much attention.

Four years later, Sunderland spent £ 6 million to buy back Altidore’s service. However, things are still not much better as he only scored 3 goals in 52 games.

3. Tim Howard

Howard is one of the most veteran players in the Premier League. After 4 years at MU, he spent another 9 years serving at Everton before breaking up this summer.

The American goalkeeper has a total of 491 matches on British territory and deserves to be a living icon of Everton. Before leaving, Howard said, “I will watch Everton all my life.”

4. Landon Donovan

In an effort to maintain the alternating state of the MLS season, the legend of LA Galaxy, Landon Donovan has two phases of joining Everton on loan in 2010 and 2012.

The midfielder scored 2 goals for the green half of Merseyside, along with 7 assists after 17 appearances in the Premier League.

5. Brian McBride

After scoring four goals in eight loan games at Everton in 2003, McBride convinced Fulham to sign a long-term contract with him.

The serene striker suddenly became a god at Craven Cottage, scoring 41 goals in 154 appearances for Fulham.

Brian McBride named USMNT General Manager - Stars and Stripes FC

6. Brad Friedel

Like Howard, Friedel became an enduring icon in the Premier League. He has 17 years of hard work in this land and has experienced Liverpool, Aston Villa, Blackburn and Tottenham respectively. Friedel made 450 appearances in the tournament and ranked 19th on the list of most played players.

7. Jonathan Spector

Growing up as a striker and discovered by scouts of MU when participating in the U17 Milk Cup tournament in the US in 2003.

After being unable to break through to the MU 1 team, Spector switched to Charlton on loan before playing 115 games for West Ham for five years.

8. Brad Guzan

Aston Villa paid £ 750,000 to Chivas in exchange for MLS’s best goalkeeper in 2007, Brad Guzan.

Despite efforts, Guzan could not help Villa avoid relegation last season. He said goodbye to Villa after 171 appearances to join Middlesbrough this season.

9. Matt Miazga

Impressing strongly when he won the main kick in New York Red Bulls at only 20 years old, Miazga was quickly recruited by Chelsea in 2016.

However, like many other talents, this promising midfielder was forced to switch to the Dutch side Vitesse to accumulate experience before he could break into Chelsea 1.

10. Deandre Yedlin

After making a splash at the 2014 World CUp, Yedlin was quickly acquired by Tottenham for £ 5 million from the Seattle Sounders. However, Yedlin has yet to compete for the right-back position at White Hart Lane and is playing for Newcastle on loan.


Although COVID 19 are increasingly growing around the world and create an economic crisis, some industries prepare a lot of master plans to make an impressive comeback. If you often update information about sports, you may know that some national clubs such as NBA or NFL will hold their first tournament after coronavirus. According to some reporters, the representatives of NFL are discussing the coronavirus mitigation policy: Is there an equipment which can protect players while they are on a match? You will know the exact answer below!

After considering for such a long time, the headers of NFL decided to cooperate with Oakley- a company which specializes in producing sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces, to create a mouth shield for players. The purpose of this one is to prevent droplets from moving among players while they are running. Only in this way can we control the rapid spread of this dangerous virus in the community right now. Each player will be provided a suitable shield that can stick to his own helmet and he can exchange another one if there is a mistake. 

In a recent interview on Thursday, Allen Sills – the NFL medical director shared his thinking about this matter: “ We are facing up to a lot of difficulties to choose which one is the most convenient option for NFL players. There is a uniform which can cover people’s mouth and nose, which is often used in cold-weather game. I think it is also a good choice for us to use in this upcoming NFL season.

“ We are trying our best to create a safe environment for players as well as all staffs in the NFL. We hope that the product will become the most favorite one and receive many high rates from professionals. It makes players feel more assured and encourage them to make an outstanding performance. The players will buy it as protective equipment of themselves.” – He added. In both practice and games, players start using masks and then review their feeling about it. The producer will sum up all ideas and the best version of this one will be created as soon as possible.

Besides these equipments, we should comply with measures that the Government has taken such as social distancing, isolating from the community if you have typical signals of COVID 19,… The next competition will be a good chance for many famous players from different nations who have the same love with American Football. They need to prepare carefully for the performance as well as protecting themself from being affected by this dangerous virus. 


Phillip Blanks, 28 years old, become a hero by chance in Phoenix. Blanks was in his friend’s apartment when he heard a commotion from another house. After that, he immediately ran outside with barefoot, and witness the top floor of the building was in fire and enveloped in smoke. Then he saw a woman on a third-floor balcony with a child. The fire quickly spread behind her.

“People started yelling for the lady to throw her kids down,” Blanks said. And then, the woman decided to throw her child over. “I immediately got tunnel vision of the baby and somehow managed to catch him,” Blanks said.

Blanks played high school football at Kalamazoo Central High School in Michigan then Kalamazoo Valley College before going to College in Mission Viejo, California. Phillip Blanks has lots of passes in his career as an American football player. No one could have been as great as his diving grab last week. Because the fire happened at the building in Phoenix on July 3. Philip Blanks shared that he just actioned with his instinct. The secret is that he learned played the American Football when he was a student. Even though he isn’t a professional player, he helped the child carefully. Phillip explained that he just tries his best to catch the child but don’t think too much. When he caught the baby, he tried to hold the child’s head perfectly in his elbow. This skill is an automatic reflex that proceeds from American football experience.

Although the child survived flames then were hospitalized with injuries, the mother died in the building. Police and appropriate authorities were investigating the origin of the fire but they said that it involved a trick of someone. 

Moreover, Phillip Blanks also show admiration to the mother who sacrificed herself for saving her children as the ‘ real hero of the story’ he told KABC-TV.

“She made the ultimate sacrifice to save her children.”

Messi will face the expected confrontation with Neymar in September

Lionel Messi is set to face Neymar in a friendly scheduled to take place in Europe in September this year.

The source of the Ole newspaper said that the Argentine Football Association is seeking to organize a friendly match between this country and Brazil.

The match will attract the attention of many fans around the globe because of the confrontation between Messi and former Barca team-mate Neymar.

Messi scored to help Argentina win against Brazil at the end of last year. Late last year, two teams Brazil and Argentina friendly in Saudi Arabia but Neymar could not attend because of injury. In this match, Messi scored the only goal that helped Argentina win.

Messi will face the expected confrontation with Neymar in September. According to FIFA’s plans, the South American World Cup 2022 qualifiers will start from October 8. Thus, the regional teams can only play friendly in September. It is the time for the clubs to release people to UEFA host matches in the Nations League from 3 to 8 of September.

The friendly match between Argentina and Brazil will be held in Europe to ensure safety for everyone because the COVID-19 pandemic is very complicated in South America. On the other hand, this match also needs the audience to come in to help the two teams be profitable and to improve the gloomy financial situation due to the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Messi and Neymar have faced many times at the national team level. Finally, this friendly match will be a great warm-up for Brazil and Argentina before starting the 2022 World Cup qualifying for South America in October.

However, Argentina could not have Messi in the first match against Ecuador because of a suspension after receiving a red card in Copa America 2019.