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Among some popular sports nowadays, American Football is treated as the most dangerous one for many reasons. Players who take part in this sport should be equipped carefully to make sure that they will be protected from serious injuries. We list out some common injuries that you should take into consideration. Therefore you can have good preparation before participating a match.

  1. Hamstring 

It is the part from the back of the knee to the buttocks. It includes three muscle such as Semitendinosus (ST), semimembranosus (SM),biceps femoris ( long head BFLH – short head BFSH ). When you feel uncomfortable at the back of your thigh, it will be the clear symptoms of hamstring strain. Be careful not to bring the heavy things or else your problem will become more serious.

  1. Knee

NFL made a summary about bad injuries of players last year so that people can update the condition of their idols. According to it, knee injuries have topped the list for many years. As you may know, american football players have to use all their body parts to take the ball from opponents. Therefore , they have to face up to a lot of risks because this area has many moving parts. Many players had to miss other tournaments due to the pain in their knee which were very difficult to move.

  1. Ankle and foot
  • Ankle: If you usually read some news about sports, you may know that ankle injuries are the most popular one. Players who suffer from this pain have to leave the stadium for at least 2 months. Therefore, the injury will be recovered on time.
  • Nowadays thanks to the development of footwear, players feel assured when they have problem with the foot. The most suitable shoes will be prepared to help them have a good performance. 
  1. Shoulder

Quarterbacks are treated as the main reason that lead to injuries in shoulder. All players who take part in a match on the field find that it is not easy for them to get away from shoulder injuries. They have to contact with other opponents by landing on his shoulder after catching. 

  1. Leg

According to some NFL players, leg injuries are also the pain that they usually face up to. Legs play an important part in the career of a player. Thanks to it, they can move easily from one place to another. Anyone who have a good leg is likely to have more chance in catching the ball than another. Therefore, If they have leg injuries, they will not gain the opportunity to participate in the rest of NFL season

What is American football – Best answer for you (Part 1)

This is a popular competitive sport in the United States. This type of sport has a different way of playing and playing rules than the normal football we know.

In the United States, some of the main types of rugby are high school football, college football and professional football, which are basically the same but differ in some points from the rules.

To understand more about the American style of playing football, we need to know some basic information of this type of play, then I will talk more about the types of matches in American style football to you guys.

soi kèo nhà cái

1. What is an American style playing field?

American football playgrounds are 100 yards long (that is, about 91 meters, 1 yards = 0.91m), divided into 20 sections of 5 yards (4.55m) each – marked by 19 long white lines across the width of the pitch.

Between the long lines are 4 rows of short lines, each of 4 lines separated by 1 yard. The final section at each end of the court is called the end zone, which is 10 yards long, usually red diagonal and separated by a long white line called the goal line.

At the end of the penalty area (end-zone) is the end line, followed by the goal posts.

The pole is planted at the center of the course, 10 feet high, on the north with a 18-foot-6-inch-long crossbar, and the ends of the horizontal bars are two 30-foot-long vertical bars.

In all, football’s entire playing field is 120 yards (360 feet) long and horizontal is 53 1/3 yards (160 feet). From the goal line, every 10 yards, the pitch will be marked with a number of 10, 20, 30, 40 until the middle of the pitch is 50.

After this level, the court is marked back 40, 30, 20 and 10 until the other’s restricted area.

Bóng đá kiểu Mỹ là gì

2. What is the device used to play in American football?

• Shine: made of oval skin weighing 400 to 480g.

• Helmets: Helmets include inflatable cushions to protect the head, masks to protect the face, 2 earmaps on each side to protect the ears.

• Gloves: thick to protect the hands when disputes occur.


If you often follow famous people in sports, you might have heard of Dallas Cowboys. He is being known as a professional American football team who is playing for National Football League. Some days ago, a viral video that appeared on Facebook has created a controversial discussions among people around the world. A black men was killed by polices of New York city in front of hundreds of onlookers in the street. Following the death of this unlucky man, many celebrities in United States spoke out their thinkings about this incident. Dallas Cowboys- a member of Dak Prescott decided to donate about $1M to train all policies about the racism in USA. “ We have to fight for the justice of them. The black men has contributed a lot of things for this nation and this is about time we helped them”. 

Cowboys posted a status on his instagram that: “ We will erase all of these bad images of our nation. Everyone right now should be learned about the racism and the attitude towards black men. They are innocent and they worthy to be treated well.” He turned his speech into behavior by spending all his salary to donate for policies so that they will be trained again about the results of racism in the nation through education. “ I felt very sympathy for black men and hope that they will be protected carefully in the next time”. Besides expressing his sorry for George Floyd, Cowboys wanted to give some advices for policies who related to this incident : “ If you are putting on your uniform, your main task is to protect life as well as assure people from being violated. But what were you doing these days? It was so terrible to look back. You should have to use the law to have right attitude with them.” 

Following to the action of Cowboys, many former as well as current players and coaches are also donating their own money to train policies in United States. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell revealed a statement that we have to take action right now so that black life will be saved on time. Don’t let them alone and don’t let the racial discrimination spread rapidly in our society. Children- especially the black one need to have a good life without no distinguishment in their own nation. 

“ We will have a quick discussion about this thing and the final answer is the agreement among players, staffs as well as coaches of NFL. Please support us and believe that racism will be extinct as soon as possible.


As you probably know, Arizona Cardinals is famous for all people around the world as a professional american football team. As a superstar of Houston Texans, Deandre Hopkins also take part in it and he realizes that he is the best player of NFL. The talent of him is not only showed out when he was just a little boy but until now, participating in Arizona Cardinals is a vivid example to prove.

If you are a big fan of him and regularly update some interesting news about america football, you may know that Hopkins will compete with some brilliant opponents in some next seasons such as Kyler Murray, Julio Jones or Michael Thomas,… These people are treated as the most popular american footballer of all the time and has achieved many valuable prizes throughout their career. Hopkins thinks this would be a good opportunity for him to make a remarkable performance, which can help him to establish his reputation in this sport.

In a recent interview on Thursday, Hopkins shared his thinking about his career which make us very surprised: “ I think I am the best of NFL” through ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss. “ I really admire Michael but he is the only person who can know that if I have Drew Brees, what my whole life would be?. Julio is also a close colleague of me who can understand all my feeling and my behavior. But these guys all have a unchangeable position where they have pro bowl quarterback. 

For seven years of working as an american football player and took part in many different competitions, he has gained 54 touchdowns and 632 catches. Thanks to his skills and fast speed, he got the ball from opponents of other teams such as : Tom Savage, Brian Hoyer, T.J. Yates,….Do you know what will the quarterback do in every tournament? They are members of offensive team and their task is catching the ball in the beginning of the match and keep it moving until the time is end. Since Watson become the person that hold this position, Hopkins owned 31 touchdowns and 315 catches. He felt that he has developed his skill in playing american football and easily gained the winning in some national tournament. 

“ We hope that we will have chance to play with quarterback in the next three season and I will try my best to become the champion of the competition. 

How the UK has embraced American football (part 2)

Commitment to the game

No matter where they watch games, UK fans are still committed. Time differences between here and the US might mean fans have to stay up until the early hours of the morning, but it’s worth it. Despite the inconvenient timing, it’s not stopping us watching – viewing figures here in the UK are up 40% year-on-year.

Educational institutions

More American football societies and clubs are popping up at universities across the country. So we’re not just watching it; we’re playing it too! Amateur American football clubs are making more of an appearance in the UK. See if you can find one close to you here. There are even programmes like the NFL Academy, which gives aspiring athletes the chance to train their skills while studying a course at Barnet and Southgate College.

With more of the united kingdom population playing football, it’s going to only be a matter of your time before the united kingdom gets its own franchise.

Potential for UK franchise

NFL research reports there being over 13 million fans within the UK. This, alongside the rise of individuals playing the game , makes it likely a UK franchise could crop up over the approaching years. There have already been talks of the Jacksonville Jaguars owner Sahid Khan, who is also the owner of Fulham F.C. in the UK, bringing the team over permanently. Speaking of the Jacksonville Jaguars, in another push for American football in the UK, the Jaguars Playing Academy takes place at Brunel University this July!

With American football becoming more popular within the UK, the country seems to possess fully embraced the game . Whether it’s because of the NFL’s own tactical expansion plans or an increased interest in playing the sport, a UK franchise could be just around the corner.


Due to the rapid spread of Covid 19, all activities relating to sports have difficulties in holding on time. The NFL is trying their best to help players come back to the training camps. However, they have to discuss carefully about how to protect all players and what measures they should do to create a safe environment. According to some latest news, they already have some big plans to make sure that the health of their staffs will be taken care of. 

Players as well as the coaches all know about the important role of the training camps. But in the current time, they feel not safe enough to gather together because the government is applying social distancing to control the connection among people. The affection of Coronavirus is very serious which can lead to death so that almost all players are fear of being suffered from this. That’s why NFL should equip hundred of Corona test kits.

In a season, some professionals estimated that the number of test kits which supports for both players and coaches is enormous and worths a lot of money. The NFL may need more quantity than they has thought before. Have you ever curious about the suitable time that NFL can test for Covid 19? It’s in practising time or when they participate in the competition? Before the event starts, all people have to be tested to make sure that they are in good condition and ready to compete with other opponents. Other suggested that players should be tested before and after each game. Through the competition there are many contacts between each other so that they should ensure there is no one come back home with covid 19.

Following up to the rule of government now, The NFL decided to hinder fans from attending to the game in the stadium so that they can meet up each other and control this dangerous virus quịkly. Moreover, the NFL also cut down the time players practising in training camps so that both coaches and athletes will not meet up for a long time. 

How the UK has embraced American football (Part 1)

With a total league revenue of over 13 billion US dollars, the National Football League (NFL) dominates the US sports betting world. Around 70% of respondents consider themselves a fan of the NFL. It’s a lot like the UK’s love for football.

With its popularity spreading from high-school level, through college, to the NFL, American football is of huge interest. Americans love the world of touchdowns, tailgates, and end zones. Despite its deep American affiliation – the clue’s in the name – American football is becoming more and more popular here in the UK. Let’s figure out why.

NFL expansion

The league itself has made huge efforts to broaden interest outside the U.S. Since 2007, The NFL London Games is the main attraction. Organized at Wembley and various other nearby stadiums, these games easily found on any markets. Attracting American football enthusiasts from around the country, independent of specific team alliances, there are now four games organized per season.

This was a successful move because it allowed any already existing UK fans to feel included in the NFL excitement. Rather than having to stream online or watch the few games shown on TV, they get to experience the atmosphere in-person. It’s easier to feel more involved when the game is right on your doorstep! UK fans can even buy season tickets which get them into all of the UK games.

Besides the games, the NFL put on tailgates and fan zones the same aa the ones they do in America. Not only is the NFL looking to sell the sport itself, but also the atmosphere and culture that associated with it.

Tottenham’s ten-year deal to host two games a year is a sign of the NFL’s commitment to its UK fanbase. The stadium has even gone so far as to craft a custom American football field that has been engineered to cover Tottenham’s own pitch.



If you are a fan of this event, you absolutely know that this is an American Football match which is held to find out the champion of the National Football League (NFL). Every year, the organizers always invest such a lot of money to make it become a remarkable show for everyone around the world. This contest is the place where all of brilliant players from all nations get together to compete with each other. Have you ever been curious about how much money they will earn from Super Bowl ?. According to some official information , players who has won the playoff games as well as the Super Bowl will have salary that not as high as the money they receive from usual seasons. Although you may think that this is enormous number, but with some millionaires like players of NFL, it seems to be very ordinary.


In Super Bowl 2020, there were two teams that would compete with each other including The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. It was taken place on February 2, 2020 at Miami Gardens, Florida at Hard Rock Stadium. The time for match was from 6:30 p.m ET to 11:30 p.m UK time. Throughout the match, there were many social medias which updated the latest news about it such as NBC, BBC, CTV, 7network,…


Besides establishing the reputation as the winner of the championship, they also awarded many other valuable prizes such as medals or money. Players in the title game will get about $ 118,000 for each person. After every match, players can make great income of $201,000 and some gifts as well as glory. 

What will players on the losing group receive ? You may think that they will have nothing and return home with their disappointment, but facts will be different. They won’t go home with empty, contrarily, each player will have at least $59,000 for the final show along with their salary in postseason. According to this, the loser will receive around $142,000.

For each player has different compensation.For the highest income of NFL players like  Tom Brady, Todd Gurley and Rob Gronkowski – $201,000 is an ordinary amount in comparison to what they earn in a year. Aaron Donald, the most generously compensated player in the Super Bowl, procures a yearly salary of $22.5 million.

Best American Soccer Players in the World Right Now (Part 3)

4—Fabian Johnson
Johnson has quickly become a fixture in the starting 11 for both the USMNT and his club in the German Bundesliga, Hoffenheim.

Johnson is still very young at only 24-years-old, and is versatile. He can play as an outside back, a winger and an attacking midfielder. He will be one of the key players for the USMNT for years to come.

3—Michael Bradley
For years, many USMNT fans unfairly criticized Michael Bradley’s inclusion in the national team set-up as nepotism because his father was manager.

Despite unfair criticism, Bradley has removed any doubt among any lingering haters with his play for club and country over the past year.

After a failed loan stint with Aston Villa, Bradley turned a solid season at Chievo Verona in Serie A into a move to Italian powerhouse Roma where he looks to become a consistent contributor to a powerful midfield.

For the USMNT, Bradley has emerged as the team’s deep-lying playmaker, particularly impressive in his passing in this summer’s friendly against Brazil.

2—Tim Howard
It wouldn’t be a USMNT game without the crowd chanting “Tim-my Howard!” after yet another big save.

A hero of the USMNT and Everton in the EPL for the last half decade, Howard’s ability to make brilliant saves keeps both the U.S. and Everton in games against superior opponents.

With the USMNT, Howard always gives the U.S. a chance to win and has been the rock of a defense that has undergone a lot of changes and experimentation over the past few years.

1—Clint Dempsey
Dempsey’s 23 goals for Fulham last season were part of the most prolific season ever enjoyed by a U.S. international in England and, prior to his ugly transfer saga this fall, made him a fan-favorite at Craven Cottage.

Dempsey has also been the most consistent goal scorer for the USMNT over the past year-and-a-half. His 28 international goals place him at fourth position in the list of highest goal scorer of all time for the USMNT. He only needs two more goals to catch fellow Fulham and USMNT legend Brian McBride and only six more goals to catch USMNT legend Eric Wynalda.


According to NFL network’s Mike Garafolo reported on Wednesday, Gore wants to take part in the 16th NFL season in 2020 and has already begun training toughly in order to become the winner. Recently, He obviously signed a short-term contract for about one year with New York Jets. He is treated to be the potential player who will be awarded the championship and has possibility to break a record this year.

Although he is now in the age of 36 which may not be much more strong than other youth players but he decided to run at a high level. Therefore, he will have opportunity to make his dream come true that can rewrite the history.

Marcus LeMarr Allen has established his reputation as a former football running back as well as the American Football safety  of NFL. He is the only one who can witness anything at age 37, especially the Hall of Fame career. Working as a professional, he can easily reach up to more than 12,200 yards and caught nearly 600 passes for 5,412 yards when he was a member of Los Angeles Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs in 1982-1997 period.

Can Frank Gore stand a chance to exceed Allen – a strong opponent with age 37 season ? Gore has operated about 600 yards on 166 carries and created two consecutive touchdown when competing with Devin Singletary last year. He has made many excellent performances which can help him to apply for many jobs another year.

Throughout his career as a american football player, gore has never performed ten touchdowns in every single season, let alone Allen’s 11 scores which seem to be impossible for him. Gore can rush to 505 yards that Allen had made before and has ability to achieve 100 carries over the years. Gore said that he will update his NFL record by a remarkable comeback since turning 30. He had 719 points more than Emmitt Smith and he will become  top five running backs in rushing yards after 30 when he starts retiring.