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Have you ever heard of Mike Tomlin before ? He is treated as a famous American football coach who is the leader of Pittsburgh Steelers. To be known as the youngest coach in NFL ( National football league ), he has undergone a lot of difficulties and tried to overcome all of it by his own effort. Throughout his career, he achieved various types of prizes, especially becoming the winner of Super Bowl XLIII. He has a huge number of international fans who love his skills as well as his unique playing. 

In a recent interview last day, he shared his thinking to the reporter about the serious lack of diversity in the NFL tournament. Tomlin is one of the rare people who are willing to speak out the remarks towards a league. He realizes some downsides of the NFL and really wants to give some advice about the way to make it better. NFL should recruit more professional coaches as well as the talented directors who have clear plans to improve everything. 

The president of the Steelers and some other professionals also expressed their agreement to the idea of Tomlin: “ I absolutely know about the need to solve diversity issue and all Coach Tomlin has said is right.” He told. “ I think that the committee of the NFL should take it into consideration to develop our processes so that the players can have more chances to take in the league. I hope that in one day there will have a remarkable change and have more good reviews about our organization. However, it needs time to be done.” 

Tomlin is now working as the executive board of the Locksley league. This will develop a list of talented coaches such as Tomlin – the director of Ozzie Newsome, Alabama – leader of Nick Saban,…and many other well-known people. Unfortunately, due to the hard control of the dangerous pandemic, people are finding all ways to improve the situation and continuously discuss about it. COVID 19, which can make all seasons be postponed and create dramatic changes to NFL, may lead to the staffs’ cutbacks one day. 

If this matter continues to happen, no more coach will be recruited because there don’t have enough money to pay the salary for all. Many people are thinking about the solution and more measures will be taken to hire more executives as well as coaches for the NFL in the future.  

Who are famous American players in the Premier League?

Bob Bradley may be the first American coach to set foot in the Premier League, but this land has long been a paradise for many fellow players. 

Here are the Top 10 most prominent.

1. Clint Dempsey

Dempsey joined Fulham from the New England Revolution in 2006. He quickly became a hero here, scoring 60 goals in 225 appearances for the London team.

Dempsey’s career thought to turn pages when he moved to Tottenham in 2012, but it was a step back to forget. Dempsey was constantly on the bench at Spurs and lost his reputation.

2. Jozy Altidore

Altidore made a big splash at the old New York Red Bulls team before arriving at Hull in 2009. However, the new football environment overwhelmed the young striker and did not attract much attention.

Four years later, Sunderland spent £ 6 million to buy back Altidore’s service. However, things are still not much better as he only scored 3 goals in 52 games.

3. Tim Howard

Howard is one of the most veteran players in the Premier League. After 4 years at MU, he spent another 9 years serving at Everton before breaking up this summer.

The American goalkeeper has a total of 491 matches on British territory and deserves to be a living icon of Everton. Before leaving, Howard said, “I will watch Everton all my life.”

4. Landon Donovan

In an effort to maintain the alternating state of the MLS season, the legend of LA Galaxy, Landon Donovan has two phases of joining Everton on loan in 2010 and 2012.

The midfielder scored 2 goals for the green half of Merseyside, along with 7 assists after 17 appearances in the Premier League.

5. Brian McBride

After scoring four goals in eight loan games at Everton in 2003, McBride convinced Fulham to sign a long-term contract with him.

The serene striker suddenly became a god at Craven Cottage, scoring 41 goals in 154 appearances for Fulham.

Brian McBride named USMNT General Manager - Stars and Stripes FC

6. Brad Friedel

Like Howard, Friedel became an enduring icon in the Premier League. He has 17 years of hard work in this land and has experienced Liverpool, Aston Villa, Blackburn and Tottenham respectively. Friedel made 450 appearances in the tournament and ranked 19th on the list of most played players.

7. Jonathan Spector

Growing up as a striker and discovered by scouts of MU when participating in the U17 Milk Cup tournament in the US in 2003.

After being unable to break through to the MU 1 team, Spector switched to Charlton on loan before playing 115 games for West Ham for five years.

8. Brad Guzan

Aston Villa paid £ 750,000 to Chivas in exchange for MLS’s best goalkeeper in 2007, Brad Guzan.

Despite efforts, Guzan could not help Villa avoid relegation last season. He said goodbye to Villa after 171 appearances to join Middlesbrough this season.

9. Matt Miazga

Impressing strongly when he won the main kick in New York Red Bulls at only 20 years old, Miazga was quickly recruited by Chelsea in 2016.

However, like many other talents, this promising midfielder was forced to switch to the Dutch side Vitesse to accumulate experience before he could break into Chelsea 1.

10. Deandre Yedlin

After making a splash at the 2014 World CUp, Yedlin was quickly acquired by Tottenham for £ 5 million from the Seattle Sounders. However, Yedlin has yet to compete for the right-back position at White Hart Lane and is playing for Newcastle on loan.


Although COVID 19 are increasingly growing around the world and create an economic crisis, some industries prepare a lot of master plans to make an impressive comeback. If you often update information about sports, you may know that some national clubs such as NBA or NFL will hold their first tournament after coronavirus. According to some reporters, the representatives of NFL are discussing the coronavirus mitigation policy: Is there an equipment which can protect players while they are on a match? You will know the exact answer below!

After considering for such a long time, the headers of NFL decided to cooperate with Oakley- a company which specializes in producing sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces, to create a mouth shield for players. The purpose of this one is to prevent droplets from moving among players while they are running. Only in this way can we control the rapid spread of this dangerous virus in the community right now. Each player will be provided a suitable shield that can stick to his own helmet and he can exchange another one if there is a mistake. 

In a recent interview on Thursday, Allen Sills – the NFL medical director shared his thinking about this matter: “ We are facing up to a lot of difficulties to choose which one is the most convenient option for NFL players. There is a uniform which can cover people’s mouth and nose, which is often used in cold-weather game. I think it is also a good choice for us to use in this upcoming NFL season.

“ We are trying our best to create a safe environment for players as well as all staffs in the NFL. We hope that the product will become the most favorite one and receive many high rates from professionals. It makes players feel more assured and encourage them to make an outstanding performance. The players will buy it as protective equipment of themselves.” – He added. In both practice and games, players start using masks and then review their feeling about it. The producer will sum up all ideas and the best version of this one will be created as soon as possible.

Besides these equipments, we should comply with measures that the Government has taken such as social distancing, isolating from the community if you have typical signals of COVID 19,… The next competition will be a good chance for many famous players from different nations who have the same love with American Football. They need to prepare carefully for the performance as well as protecting themself from being affected by this dangerous virus. 


Phillip Blanks, 28 years old, become a hero by chance in Phoenix. Blanks was in his friend’s apartment when he heard a commotion from another house. After that, he immediately ran outside with barefoot, and witness the top floor of the building was in fire and enveloped in smoke. Then he saw a woman on a third-floor balcony with a child. The fire quickly spread behind her.

“People started yelling for the lady to throw her kids down,” Blanks said. And then, the woman decided to throw her child over. “I immediately got tunnel vision of the baby and somehow managed to catch him,” Blanks said.

Blanks played high school football at Kalamazoo Central High School in Michigan then Kalamazoo Valley College before going to College in Mission Viejo, California. Phillip Blanks has lots of passes in his career as an American football player. No one could have been as great as his diving grab last week. Because the fire happened at the building in Phoenix on July 3. Philip Blanks shared that he just actioned with his instinct. The secret is that he learned played the American Football when he was a student. Even though he isn’t a professional player, he helped the child carefully. Phillip explained that he just tries his best to catch the child but don’t think too much. When he caught the baby, he tried to hold the child’s head perfectly in his elbow. This skill is an automatic reflex that proceeds from American football experience.

Although the child survived flames then were hospitalized with injuries, the mother died in the building. Police and appropriate authorities were investigating the origin of the fire but they said that it involved a trick of someone. 

Moreover, Phillip Blanks also show admiration to the mother who sacrificed herself for saving her children as the ‘ real hero of the story’ he told KABC-TV.

“She made the ultimate sacrifice to save her children.”

Messi will face the expected confrontation with Neymar in September

Lionel Messi is set to face Neymar in a friendly scheduled to take place in Europe in September this year.

The source of the Ole newspaper said that the Argentine Football Association is seeking to organize a friendly match between this country and Brazil.

The match will attract the attention of many fans around the globe because of the confrontation between Messi and former Barca team-mate Neymar.

Messi scored to help Argentina win against Brazil at the end of last year. Late last year, two teams Brazil and Argentina friendly in Saudi Arabia but Neymar could not attend because of injury. In this match, Messi scored the only goal that helped Argentina win.

Messi will face the expected confrontation with Neymar in September. According to FIFA’s plans, the South American World Cup 2022 qualifiers will start from October 8. Thus, the regional teams can only play friendly in September. It is the time for the clubs to release people to UEFA host matches in the Nations League from 3 to 8 of September.

The friendly match between Argentina and Brazil will be held in Europe to ensure safety for everyone because the COVID-19 pandemic is very complicated in South America. On the other hand, this match also needs the audience to come in to help the two teams be profitable and to improve the gloomy financial situation due to the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Messi and Neymar have faced many times at the national team level. Finally, this friendly match will be a great warm-up for Brazil and Argentina before starting the 2022 World Cup qualifying for South America in October.

However, Argentina could not have Messi in the first match against Ecuador because of a suspension after receiving a red card in Copa America 2019.


If you are a real fan of American Football, you may know clearly about one man called Adrian Peterson. He is treated as one of the most famous American Football of all time who has been working as an official member of the National Football League for years. He was admired by many people for his excellent skills in college football at Oklahoma and his numerous medals throughout his career. 

In a recent interview some days ago, he shared his feeling about the special connection between him and the NFL: “ I don’t want to retire from the NFL. This is such a second home of me that I have gained many unforgettable memories as well as much experience in my life. In my head, there is always a dream that I can accompany with NFL for many years, about four more years. It has gone through my mind many times. This might be a shining example of my relation with NFL career.” 

“ Why don’t you play American Football for four more years?”- “ Absolutely yes” He confirmed his thinking to all people. 

The player of Washington Redskins who is at the age of 35 – a time when almost players want to retire from work, Adrian Peterson still pursues his dream to play on the field until his legs fall off. “ When I look back to the position that I have owned for many years, I don’t want to regret things that I have not achieved yet. I want to gain the championship and play until I don’t have enough health to continue. That is the reason why I go on playing American football at this time. 

According to the desire of Peterson, he will take part in four-season of NFL from this year. Many people curious about which clubs would him participate in Washington in 2020. Instead of deciding whether he will retire or not on his own, the NFL will be the one that he depends on next time. His big dream is passing the opponent named Smith in four seasons. 

AD had a totally of 1,042 yards in 201 and about 898 last year. He became one of the most potential American football players with brilliance, consisting of 20 yards last year than some other names such as Aaron Jones and Alvin Kamara (five) and Ezekiel Elliott (four). The tournament in 2020 will be the place for famous players from all around the world who want to make a remarkable change in their careers. We all hope that Adrian Peterson can try his best to make his dream come true as a champion of the tournament. 

What is American football – Best answer for you (Part 2)

5. Types of bets available in American football:

* General rules of American football:

• The final result of the match is the result after the end of the 4th period, including any injury time.

• For bets on Half-time bets, the bet is considered valid when the playing time for each half is completed.

• Specific bets made for Round 4 results do not include overtime.

• NCAA Rules of Game Field: note the designation of the “Home” or “Guest” pitch. Bets are still valid regardless of venue changes, whether on the “Home”, “Away” or “Neutral” grounds.

• Overtime is counted in the result of the bet, except for the bets specified below.

• If a match takes place before the regular time of play, only bets placed before the match will be considered valid. Bets placed after the match starts will be void, except for in-play bets.

Bóng đá kiểu Mỹ là gì

* Types of bets in American football:

• Team to win: Bets to predict the team to win. This bet consists of two teams.

• Handicap betting means betting on which team will win a match/half, including the handicap.

• Handicap in betting: means betting on the team to win the match/half, including the handicap. The result is based on the final score after adding the handicap at the time the score started to be 0-0. The score at the time of placing a bet does not affect the outcome of the bet.

• Over / Under bets: Bet that is placed on the total of points to be scored above or below a predetermined factor of the casino.

Bóng đá kiểu Mỹ là gì

• Over / Under in Play: Bet that the total number of points scored is over or under a given factor of the house. The result is based on the final result, calculated from the time the score started to be 0-0.

• Odd / Even betting: This is the bet placed for the total number of points recorded as odd or even numbers. Betting results include injury time.

• Half-time / full-time bets: Bet on the team that has just won in the half and at the same time wins the match after the end of the 4th quarter. Betting results include injury time. This is also called a “Double result” bet.


• Handicap Differential Bets: Bets are settled based on the difference in scores of the two teams after the end of each 4 innings including injury time. Bets will be void if the match is abandoned at any time.

• First team scoring bets: Predict the team to score the first points in a match; Bets will still be valid if the match is abandoned after a team has scored;

• Bets will be void if no team scores at the time the match is canceled; Bets will be void if no team scores after 4 regular innings and injury time.

• Last Team betting: betting to predict the team will score the last points of the match. Predict the team that will score the last point of the match. If no team scores after 4 regular innings and overtime, all bets are considered void.


As you probably know, American Football is treated as one of the most interesting sports around the world which attracts a lot of people to take up. It exactly originated from the United States for a long time and in the past, only citizens of this nation knew about it. Nowadays with the development of technology, more information about this sport is spreading rapidly through the internet so that people can learn it easily by watching tutorial videos. It is played by more than 30 countries in Europe and in each nation, there is a different rule for players to follow. If you want to get more information about the most famous American football leagues in Europe, this post is very important to you with the list of the top four. Taking a quick look below and guess what is the most favorite league around the world.

  1. Superserien

In Sweden, Superserien is treated as the most popular one in which many people choose to play American football. There are about six teams in this league and the official team for each competition has changed respectively through the years. Although the league has a few players, they all have good skills as well as high determination to bring back the prizes for their team. This is also the league that can hold up such a lot of appealing American football matches every year. According to some comments of spectators, they feel very satisfied with the way the league to take care of players as well as coaches. In the future, Superserien may become one of the most famous leagues in the world.

  1. Vaahteraliiga

It is well known as one of the first American Football league to be founded in Finland nowadays. If player takes part in the competition of this league, they will have at least six months to compete with opponents from different teams around the world. You are also known as Finnish champion if you get the highest position in the tournament. This is the place where some greatest American footballers have played for a long time and when they had to retire, they wanted to work more to contribute all their efforts to the league. 

  1. The Austrian Football League

It is considered as one of the most well-known American football leagues in Europe. In 1984, three excellent teams called Salzburg Lions, Vienna Ramblocks, and Graz Giants decided to found a football league that will meet the needs of people in Europe. The most important thing which helped it to establish the reputation is the winning continuously of the AFL team in Europe Football League. Until now, fans of American football highly recommend this league because of its profession. 

  1. The German Football League

The league was formed in 1979 which was very famous for many players at that time. It beats other leagues thanks to its professional tournaments over the years that has attracted such a lot of excellent people to join. According to some comments of players, they felt very satisfied with the way the league has taken care of staff as well as coaches in the COVID 19 period. To participate in this American Football league, you should try your best to practice every day to make sure that the best performance will be made. 


Jim Brown is one of the most famous American former professional football players of all time. He had been working for National Football League for nearly ten years from 1957 to 1965. Throughout his career, he has witnessed such a lot of fights between the black and white man. Especially in sports where players from many different nations around the world get along together, the racism is rising more rapidly. For more than 50 years, He has made great efforts to encourage people to fight for the black men, particularly African Americans in United States.

Some days ago, a quick discussion between NFL civil rights activist and network was taken to share people’s point of views towards the incident in America right now. “ I think it is very amazing to connect both black and white players so that we will become much stronger to control the racism. If you often update world news, you may see a video which was very awful. A black man was killed by polices in his village in front of many onlookers. This event created a serious controversy around the world and Jim Brown thought that it’s time he did something for his nation. 

In Brown’s period, people felt very difficult to work together and teamwork is something that they didn’t even think about. There was a barrier among people that they didn’t know how to break it immediately. “ We can not remember about the things that happened hundred years ago and just concentrate on what is going on in new generation nowadays. I believe that a change in attitude towards the black will be made thanks to various campaigns like we are doing now. When a Caucasian and an African American have a good relationship with each other, a remarkable moment is made.

What should we do now to protect the black from being treated badly ? I think the most important must be the education in each nation. For example, students at school will be taught about the bad effects of racism and we need to be justice with every walk of life. In sports, white athletes or even white coaches mustn’t have a bias towards someone and don’t think that they will be more privileged than another. In NFL, there are some general rules that all players have to comply with. Respecting others is one of the most significant things in every American Football match.

In some parts of the United States, the situation is changing little by little thanks to the great efforts of many people. the US is divided into two sides and our main obligation is combing it gradually. It is necessary that we have to try our best to keep on fighting against racism until it is controlled. One day in the future, we hope that there is no discrimination among black and white people in United States. 

What is American football – Best answer for you (Part 2)

3. What is an American style football team?

Usually, the American football team has 53 people, and is divided into 3 small teams including offensive team, defense team and special team.

* Offensive Team (Offense Team)

• Center (C): serves (1 person)

• Guard (G): Midfielder (2 people)

• Tackle (T): Stripper (2 people)

• Quarterback (QB): A pitcher or a linger (1 person)

• Running back (RB): Midfielder (1 person)

• Wide Receiver (WR): The catcher (2 people)

• Tight end (TE): The stopper (2 people)

The seven rows of people on the pitch consisted of a center-serve man in the middle, flanked by two giant midfielders (guard), next to the two midfielders were two giant tackle, and on the outside were the two men ball (wide receiver).

soi kèo nhà cái

The captain (quarterback) will stand behind the server (center). Behind him is the central defender (halfback or running back) or defender (fullback).

The two tight-end guys will stand behind between the wide-receiver and the big tackle.

Although they can use different teams depending on the situation, the number of players in the upper row must be at least 5 people.

* Defense Team

It is similar to the attacker’s side where the players must concentrate to reclaim the ball from the attacking team.

Bóng đá kiểu Mỹ là gì

4. What is the rules of American football?

• A team only scores when the player of the team places the ball behind the goal line, or the goal line, to count.

• The method of scoring is as follows: putting the ball into the penalty area (touchdown) and placing it behind the goal line will get 6 points, then kicking the goal from a distance of 3 yards will be added 1 point or 1 touchdown from 3 yards will get 2 points. The free kick succeeds 3 points when the ball goes over two vertical columns into the crossbar.

• Players take turns to attack and defend. The attacking team is allowed to make 4 turns to get the ball to a distance of 10 yards.

• If no points are scored during that attack then the other team has the ball. Each time the right to change is changed, all 22 players of the two teams will be substituted.

• The team that loses the ball will replace all defensive players, while the previous defensive team will replace the attacking team.

• American football time: 60 minutes in a match, divided into 4 innings, except downtime (out of play), sometimes the total time on the field is up to 180 minutes.

• The ball is made of leather, weighs 400grams, oval, 2 white lines to look good but not in the NFL. The referee is also known as the “Zebra” for a white uniform, black stripes. Each match has 4 to 7 referees on duty.