Chelsea won the Premier League, why not?

There are many reasons for football experts to say that Chelsea will be a potential candidate for the Premier League championship this season.

It can be said that the biggest success of coach Frank Lampard and Chelsea in the transfer window last summer is the fact that Stamford Bride Stadium welcomes extremely high quality players in defense. The appearance of Mendy Edouard Mendy makes the Blues fans less nervous than when Kepa appeared in the wooden frame. Ben Chilwell was brought back and immediately made a mark in the left wing corridor, Chelsea’s weakest position last season. Meanwhile, 36-year-old general Thiago Silva helps live viewers of English football realize that it’s been a long time since Chelsea had such a world-class midfielder appeared.

The rookie trio combined with old people like Kurt Zouma and Reece James form a great defense for Chelsea. Breaking through the defenders playing very “son” of the team is a challenge for any attacker in the Premier League at the moment.

In attack, the presence of three quality contracts, Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, makes Chelsea extremely virtual in their approach to the goal. Except for the case of Kai Havertz who is quarantined because of Covid-19, what Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner have done up to now is only in two words “great”. And if other stars like Christian Pulisic or Mason Mount return, Chelsea has the quantity and quality to turn itself into Europe’s most glamorous attacking club.

Liverpool are facing a huge traumatic storm and will definitely affect the long-term goals of the Port City team this season. The “crushing” of the defense after an international series along with long-term injuries of Van Dijk or Gomez makes the ability to endure the destructive power of the opponent of The Kop become more fragile than ever.

Meanwhile, Man City is still showing the same uncertainty as last season. It seems that the play of coach Pep Guardiola’s teachers has gradually been arrested and not too many football prediction experts believe The Citizen can lift the championship after this season ends.