As you probably know, the current condition around the world now is increasingly serious due to the rapid outbreak of COVID 19. This dangerous pandemic has made a great effect on all sporting events that players as well as coaches are feeling very worried. When it comes to some industries that being dramatically suffered from Coronavirus, we should think immediately of the national football league. Many fans concern that the official date of the 2020 NFL season might be delayed and all players don’t have a chance to participate directly in the stadium.  

We still have at least five months to prepare for the 2020 season and create a safe environment for both participants and coaches. According to some predictions of professionals, we will overcome the pandemic soon and return to normal conditions after Labor Day. Spectators who have a great interest in American Football will witness a remarkable performance next time. 

The characteristic of the NFL season between 2019 and 2020 is a little bit different. Last year, people treated it as an unforgettable anniversary because it remarked an important milestone in the development of the NFL. In 2020, the competition expresses the continuity of all people: keeping on practicing all day, overcoming the difficulties,… Although they have to face up with a lot of restrictions and prohibitions, the NFL teams always try their best to make everything go as scheduled. 

We can not imagine that one day our life has been changed completely and we don’t have time to adapt to it. Many headers of the American Football teams have to carry out many negotiations about how to solve problems that relate to Coronavirus.  There is an ability that the offseason programs will not be held forever and the training campaign also be delayed until further notice. One coach shared the future plan in an interview that players would have at least three weeks to prepare for the upcoming season and they should have suitable workouts to improve his skills. 

In my point of view, there will have various football teams from different nations around the world who are ready to take part in this competition. This is a good chance for them to show out their special talent as well as high determination in the pandemic. Here are some typical teams that will appear in the 2020 tournament of NFL : 

  • Chiefs 
  • Titans
  • Saints
  • 49ers
  • Eagles
  • Packers
  • Falcons
  • Raiders