Although COVID 19 are increasingly growing around the world and create an economic crisis, some industries prepare a lot of master plans to make an impressive comeback. If you often update information about sports, you may know that some national clubs such as NBA or NFL will hold their first tournament after coronavirus. According to some reporters, the representatives of NFL are discussing the coronavirus mitigation policy: Is there an equipment which can protect players while they are on a match? You will know the exact answer below!

After considering for such a long time, the headers of NFL decided to cooperate with Oakley- a company which specializes in producing sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces, to create a mouth shield for players. The purpose of this one is to prevent droplets from moving among players while they are running. Only in this way can we control the rapid spread of this dangerous virus in the community right now. Each player will be provided a suitable shield that can stick to his own helmet and he can exchange another one if there is a mistake. 

In a recent interview on Thursday, Allen Sills – the NFL medical director shared his thinking about this matter: “ We are facing up to a lot of difficulties to choose which one is the most convenient option for NFL players. There is a uniform which can cover people’s mouth and nose, which is often used in cold-weather game. I think it is also a good choice for us to use in this upcoming NFL season.

“ We are trying our best to create a safe environment for players as well as all staffs in the NFL. We hope that the product will become the most favorite one and receive many high rates from professionals. It makes players feel more assured and encourage them to make an outstanding performance. The players will buy it as protective equipment of themselves.” – He added. In both practice and games, players start using masks and then review their feeling about it. The producer will sum up all ideas and the best version of this one will be created as soon as possible.

Besides these equipments, we should comply with measures that the Government has taken such as social distancing, isolating from the community if you have typical signals of COVID 19,… The next competition will be a good chance for many famous players from different nations who have the same love with American Football. They need to prepare carefully for the performance as well as protecting themself from being affected by this dangerous virus.