If you often follow famous people in sports, you might have heard of Dallas Cowboys. He is being known as a professional American football team who is playing for National Football League. Some days ago, a viral video that appeared on Facebook has created a controversial discussions among people around the world. A black men was killed by polices of New York city in front of hundreds of onlookers in the street. Following the death of this unlucky man, many celebrities in United States spoke out their thinkings about this incident. Dallas Cowboys- a member of Dak Prescott decided to donate about $1M to train all policies about the racism in USA. “ We have to fight for the justice of them. The black men has contributed a lot of things for this nation and this is about time we helped them”. 

Cowboys posted a status on his instagram that: “ We will erase all of these bad images of our nation. Everyone right now should be learned about the racism and the attitude towards black men. They are innocent and they worthy to be treated well.” He turned his speech into behavior by spending all his salary to donate for policies so that they will be trained again about the results of racism in the nation through education. “ I felt very sympathy for black men and hope that they will be protected carefully in the next time”. Besides expressing his sorry for George Floyd, Cowboys wanted to give some advices for policies who related to this incident : “ If you are putting on your uniform, your main task is to protect life as well as assure people from being violated. But what were you doing these days? It was so terrible to look back. You should have to use the law to have right attitude with them.” 

Following to the action of Cowboys, many former as well as current players and coaches are also donating their own money to train policies in United States. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell revealed a statement that we have to take action right now so that black life will be saved on time. Don’t let them alone and don’t let the racial discrimination spread rapidly in our society. Children- especially the black one need to have a good life without no distinguishment in their own nation. 

“ We will have a quick discussion about this thing and the final answer is the agreement among players, staffs as well as coaches of NFL. Please support us and believe that racism will be extinct as soon as possible.