As you probably know, Arizona Cardinals is famous for all people around the world as a professional american football team. As a superstar of Houston Texans, Deandre Hopkins also take part in it and he realizes that he is the best player of NFL. The talent of him is not only showed out when he was just a little boy but until now, participating in Arizona Cardinals is a vivid example to prove.

If you are a big fan of him and regularly update some interesting news about america football, you may know that Hopkins will compete with some brilliant opponents in some next seasons such as Kyler Murray, Julio Jones or Michael Thomas,… These people are treated as the most popular american footballer of all the time and has achieved many valuable prizes throughout their career. Hopkins thinks this would be a good opportunity for him to make a remarkable performance, which can help him to establish his reputation in this sport.

In a recent interview on Thursday, Hopkins shared his thinking about his career which make us very surprised: “ I think I am the best of NFL” through ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss. “ I really admire Michael but he is the only person who can know that if I have Drew Brees, what my whole life would be?. Julio is also a close colleague of me who can understand all my feeling and my behavior. But these guys all have a unchangeable position where they have pro bowl quarterback. 

For seven years of working as an american football player and took part in many different competitions, he has gained 54 touchdowns and 632 catches. Thanks to his skills and fast speed, he got the ball from opponents of other teams such as : Tom Savage, Brian Hoyer, T.J. Yates,….Do you know what will the quarterback do in every tournament? They are members of offensive team and their task is catching the ball in the beginning of the match and keep it moving until the time is end. Since Watson become the person that hold this position, Hopkins owned 31 touchdowns and 315 catches. He felt that he has developed his skill in playing american football and easily gained the winning in some national tournament. 

“ We hope that we will have chance to play with quarterback in the next three season and I will try my best to become the champion of the competition.