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Dental Implants Offer Proven Stability and Unrivaled Benefits

Choosing Permanent Options for Tooth Replacement

Does tooth loss impact your self-confidence or ability to chew comfortably, or do you suffer with ill-fitting, loose dentures? If this describes your situation, it is time to make a change. Whether missing one tooth or multiple teeth, you can experience the comfort and permanency of dental implant tooth replacement solutions from Dr. Richard Featherstone. He has extensive implant experience and a distinguished background in cosmetic dentistry, and captures the natural look and feel of real teeth with the proven performance of permanent implants.


Implants Solve a Multitude of Oral Problems

Whether you are experiencing advanced periodontal disease, severe decay, broken or worn teeth, or have been living with tooth loss for some time, implant solutions will change your situation and your life.

Comfortable and Cost-Effective, the Implant Process Delivers

Patients are routinely surprised at how comfortable the implant process actually is, even more so than a tooth extraction. Dr. Featherstone’s gentle touch and experience make implant procedures easy, but we do offer sedation dentistry services if fear or anxiety are a concern. Save yourself time and money by choosing implants for your tooth replacement now, rather than waiting and having to cover the cost of future complications like bone loss, or replacement bridges or dentures.


When it Comes to Your Smile, Experience and Compassion Matter

In 1982, Dr. Featherstone had the esteemed pleasure of placing an implant for his own father. Since then, he has successfully changed the lives of hundreds of patients with implant solutions, and has never had an implant fracture. A great deal goes into planning for and placing a dental implant, and Dr. Featherstone’s compassion, expertise and attention to detail make him the obvious choice for your tooth replacement needs.


Are you ready to change your life with permanent tooth replacement? Call our office today, and reserve your personalized implant consultation with Dr. Featherstone.

Bringing beautiful Smiles to Our Patients for Over 40 Years

Trust your smile and your oral health to Dr. Featherstone. Contact our office today to reserve your implant consultation. Dental implants completely change the look, feel and function of your smile.


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