Exploring Key Aspects of American Football

American Football is among the biggest North American sports. Even though the game is played in all parts of the world, professional leagues in Northern America such as the NFL attract many great players, something that makes it more competitive than others are. The pinnacle of American football comes in the form of the Super Bowl, played each year by millions of individuals from all parts of the world.

The Object of American Football

The object of this sport is to score as many points as possible and exceed those of the opponents within the allotted time. Players must move the football down the pitch in play phases before getting the ball into an end zone for the touchdown. Players can achieve that by throwing the ball to their teammates or even running with it.

Each of the teams gets four chances to move the ball down ten yards forward. After passing the 10 yards downs reset, they start moving it again for 10 yards. After the four downs pass, if they fail to make it over the needed 10 yards, the ball is passed to the defensive team.

Players and equipment

While each team should have only 11 players in the field at a time, the American football teams consist of 45 players. The players are divided into three groups of attacking. The defense consists of the large, powerful players who stop the opposing players from running and the special players who kick and punt side of the game. The special players consist of large and faster players.

American football fields are typically 100 yards long and around 160 yards wide. The lines drawn on the field are at 10 yards interval to indicate the farthest each team can run before it reaches the end zone. End zones are at both ends of the pitch and are 20 yards long.