Understanding American Football and the Super Bowl

The professional American football league in the USA is also known as the National Football League (NFL). The league two groups each of 16 teams – 16 in the AFC and 16 in the NFC. Each of the teams has to play 16 games and at the end of the season, 12 of the teams move to the playoffs. Six of the teams have to come from the NFC and the other six from the AFC.

The Superbowl is the final contest of the post-season contest the championship game that pits AFC winners against the winners of NFC. Each of the American football game – the Superbowl included – is usually divided into four 15 minutes quarters. The standard American football pitch is 100 yards long with a scoring zone, known as the end zone on each end of the pitch.

How the game is played

The offence gets four tries to move the football 10 yards, known as downs. Whenever they do it, they get other four downs to move the football 10 yards. That continues until they score or the defense halts their trials. When the defense stops the offence team, the offence gets a chance to punt the ball downfield to players on the opposing team. When punting, the idea is to kick the football the furthest possible within the pitch.

Even though the offence can only try to advance the 10 yards four times, the third down or try is vital. If the team fails to advance the 10 yards during the third trial, they have to kick the ball to the opposing team. The reason behind that is that the opposing team gets possession where they spotted the ball last when the team fails to advance the 10 yards. And that how the game is played.