In a recent interview, the representatives of two famous conferences ( the Big Ten and Pac-12 ) have informed some important news which relates to the Coronavirus. They decided to postpone the football season until spring when this dangerous disease will be controlled effectively. The three conferences such as the Atlantic Coast Conference, Southeastern Conference and the Big 12 all agreed to delay the competition to protect people’s health. The number of spectators who will be allowed to enter the stadium also a matter that they should take into consideration right now. 

“ As you can see, the Coronavirus has led to many empty stadiums in the United States. This is the main reason why some small college towns are going to be destroyed.” Joshua Hendrickson shared his thinking about the downside of this disease. “ A lot of businesses are being delayed and we have to face up to many difficulties.” He added. 

On Saturdays in Fall, fans of this port often get along together and discuss about the performances of NFL players. More than 107,000 people come here to attend the match directly and they can cheer for their idols. However, the 2020 season witnessed a downturn in the revenue of the NFL because the Big Ten athletic conference decided to cancel the competition until 2021. 

According to some economists, the college game doesn’t make a great effect on the economy of the United States. Some people asked whether global pandemic will be the one that makes everything become worse. The answer is absolutely yes. On Saturday, the president of American Donald Trump spoke out his thinking about college football: “ I hope that in the near future, this type of sport will come back.” “ I think that a lot of people want to play it to help them become stronger, healthier and have more energy.” Trump told to a reporter. 

Can you imagine how America’s College Towns will be if there is no football ever? In Some famous places such as Iowa City, Pennsylvania,… all activities must be stopped to make sure that no one will have a positive test for COVID 19. Football is among the most things that attract a lot of travelers to come, but now people can not go to other nations due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus.