Jim Brown is one of the most famous American former professional football players of all time. He had been working for National Football League for nearly ten years from 1957 to 1965. Throughout his career, he has witnessed such a lot of fights between the black and white man. Especially in sports where players from many different nations around the world get along together, the racism is rising more rapidly. For more than 50 years, He has made great efforts to encourage people to fight for the black men, particularly African Americans in United States.

Some days ago, a quick discussion between NFL civil rights activist and network was taken to share people’s point of views towards the incident in America right now. “ I think it is very amazing to connect both black and white players so that we will become much stronger to control the racism. If you often update world news, you may see a video which was very awful. A black man was killed by polices in his village in front of many onlookers. This event created a serious controversy around the world and Jim Brown thought that it’s time he did something for his nation. 

In Brown’s period, people felt very difficult to work together and teamwork is something that they didn’t even think about. There was a barrier among people that they didn’t know how to break it immediately. “ We can not remember about the things that happened hundred years ago and just concentrate on what is going on in new generation nowadays. I believe that a change in attitude towards the black will be made thanks to various campaigns like we are doing now. When a Caucasian and an African American have a good relationship with each other, a remarkable moment is made.

What should we do now to protect the black from being treated badly ? I think the most important must be the education in each nation. For example, students at school will be taught about the bad effects of racism and we need to be justice with every walk of life. In sports, white athletes or even white coaches mustn’t have a bias towards someone and don’t think that they will be more privileged than another. In NFL, there are some general rules that all players have to comply with. Respecting others is one of the most significant things in every American Football match.

In some parts of the United States, the situation is changing little by little thanks to the great efforts of many people. the US is divided into two sides and our main obligation is combing it gradually. It is necessary that we have to try our best to keep on fighting against racism until it is controlled. One day in the future, we hope that there is no discrimination among black and white people in United States.