Lebron James absolutely has special talent to become a professional american football player, but he decided to give up for a silly reason.

In recent days, Lebron James has posted on his Instagram a title that relating to him when he was just a high school boy. This writing properly appreciated LA Lakers players and treated them as the best players in Ohio States. They had enough extraordinary talent to participate in National football league (NFL) with the position as a Wide Receiver.

When he still a student in St.Vincent-St.Mary high school, Lebron took part in both basketball and American Football. Besides famous for orange ball, he also made great impression as a professional football player. According to the post of the three-time NBA championship , he took the ball as well as tackled about 60 passes with the distance of 1200 yard. The writer said that Lebron owns a big hand and incredible speed that can easily beat any opponents. He is judged to be the new version of Randy Moss ( the Legend of NFL ).

“ In my senior year, I stopped playing American Football ( despite of my great passion for it ) because I always suffered from school bullying. Teammates in my American football team at school didn’t allow me to join in and they threatened me that If I came to football place, they would hit me until I couldn’t  put up with it. I think i had an exact choice but If I didn’t be hindered from playing football, I would make many highlights up to now”.

Thanks to his persistence in practising to play basketball , Lebron James was chosen by Cleveland Cavaliers after he graduated from high school. Among 17 NBA seasons, he has been the member of All-star for 16 times, achieving four MVP prizes and became the best player who had three  champions of NBA. He is still a great player in the history of basketball leagues nowadays.