Messi will face the expected confrontation with Neymar in September

Lionel Messi is set to face Neymar in a friendly scheduled to take place in Europe in September this year.

The source of the Ole newspaper said that the Argentine Football Association is seeking to organize a friendly match between this country and Brazil.

The match will attract the attention of many fans around the globe because of the confrontation between Messi and former Barca team-mate Neymar.

Messi scored to help Argentina win against Brazil at the end of last year. Late last year, two teams Brazil and Argentina friendly in Saudi Arabia but Neymar could not attend because of injury. In this match, Messi scored the only goal that helped Argentina win.

Messi will face the expected confrontation with Neymar in September. According to FIFA’s plans, the South American World Cup 2022 qualifiers will start from October 8. Thus, the regional teams can only play friendly in September. It is the time for the clubs to release people to UEFA host matches in the Nations League from 3 to 8 of September.

The friendly match between Argentina and Brazil will be held in Europe to ensure safety for everyone because the COVID-19 pandemic is very complicated in South America. On the other hand, this match also needs the audience to come in to help the two teams be profitable and to improve the gloomy financial situation due to the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Messi and Neymar have faced many times at the national team level. Finally, this friendly match will be a great warm-up for Brazil and Argentina before starting the 2022 World Cup qualifying for South America in October.

However, Argentina could not have Messi in the first match against Ecuador because of a suspension after receiving a red card in Copa America 2019.