Have you ever heard of Mike Tomlin before ? He is treated as a famous American football coach who is the leader of Pittsburgh Steelers. To be known as the youngest coach in NFL ( National football league ), he has undergone a lot of difficulties and tried to overcome all of it by his own effort. Throughout his career, he achieved various types of prizes, especially becoming the winner of Super Bowl XLIII. He has a huge number of international fans who love his skills as well as his unique playing. 

In a recent interview last day, he shared his thinking to the reporter about the serious lack of diversity in the NFL tournament. Tomlin is one of the rare people who are willing to speak out the remarks towards a league. He realizes some downsides of the NFL and really wants to give some advice about the way to make it better. NFL should recruit more professional coaches as well as the talented directors who have clear plans to improve everything. 

The president of the Steelers and some other professionals also expressed their agreement to the idea of Tomlin: “ I absolutely know about the need to solve diversity issue and all Coach Tomlin has said is right.” He told. “ I think that the committee of the NFL should take it into consideration to develop our processes so that the players can have more chances to take in the league. I hope that in one day there will have a remarkable change and have more good reviews about our organization. However, it needs time to be done.” 

Tomlin is now working as the executive board of the Locksley league. This will develop a list of talented coaches such as Tomlin – the director of Ozzie Newsome, Alabama – leader of Nick Saban,…and many other well-known people. Unfortunately, due to the hard control of the dangerous pandemic, people are finding all ways to improve the situation and continuously discuss about it. COVID 19, which can make all seasons be postponed and create dramatic changes to NFL, may lead to the staffs’ cutbacks one day. 

If this matter continues to happen, no more coach will be recruited because there don’t have enough money to pay the salary for all. Many people are thinking about the solution and more measures will be taken to hire more executives as well as coaches for the NFL in the future.