According to NFL network’s Mike Garafolo reported on Wednesday, Gore wants to take part in the 16th NFL season in 2020 and has already begun training toughly in order to become the winner. Recently, He obviously signed a short-term contract for about one year with New York Jets. He is treated to be the potential player who will be awarded the championship and has possibility to break a record this year.

Although he is now in the age of 36 which may not be much more strong than other youth players but he decided to run at a high level. Therefore, he will have opportunity to make his dream come true that can rewrite the history.

Marcus LeMarr Allen has established his reputation as a former football running back as well as the American Football safety  of NFL. He is the only one who can witness anything at age 37, especially the Hall of Fame career. Working as a professional, he can easily reach up to more than 12,200 yards and caught nearly 600 passes for 5,412 yards when he was a member of Los Angeles Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs in 1982-1997 period.

Can Frank Gore stand a chance to exceed Allen – a strong opponent with age 37 season ? Gore has operated about 600 yards on 166 carries and created two consecutive touchdown when competing with Devin Singletary last year. He has made many excellent performances which can help him to apply for many jobs another year.

Throughout his career as a american football player, gore has never performed ten touchdowns in every single season, let alone Allen’s 11 scores which seem to be impossible for him. Gore can rush to 505 yards that Allen had made before and has ability to achieve 100 carries over the years. Gore said that he will update his NFL record by a remarkable comeback since turning 30. He had 719 points more than Emmitt Smith and he will become  top five running backs in rushing yards after 30 when he starts retiring.