Periscope Therapy - Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatment
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The Power of Perioscope Therapy

 Go Ahead, Keep Your Teeth

Whether in the early stage of gingivitis or more concerning levels of periodontitis and advanced periodontitis, treating gum disease is important for the health of your smile and body. Dr. Richard Featherstone is changing the way patients receive treatment for moderate to severe cases of gum disease with the use of revolutionary Perioscope Therapy.


Introducing the Perioscope

A minimally invasive alternative to traditional osseous and laser surgery, the Perioscope is a small camera that slides between the teeth and gums, enabling us to see right to the bottom of the periodontal pocket and effectively treat diseased areas. In fact, you even gain a greater understanding of what is going on below your gum line, as you are also able to see your Perioscope images displayed live on our monitor.

“I want to give patients hope that they can keep their teeth, and that is what the Perioscope does,” – Dr. Featherstone.


Why Perioscope Therapy Over Traditional Surgery?

Perioscope Therapy provides the opportunity for you to receive minimally invasive gum disease treatment, without surgical incisions, sutures or even lasers. Advantages of the Perioscope over traditional surgery include:

  • Better healing
  • Better results
  • Improved tissue response
  • Minimized pain
  • Improved patient comfort
  • More conservative approach


Successful, Non-Surgical Treatment of Gum Disease With the Perioscope

It is our mission is to save teeth, and that is exactly what the Periscope allows us to do. Dr. Featherstone has spent the past 40 years improving the health of patients through the most effective, comfortable methods available. He believes in providing the trusted gum disease care you need right here in our comprehensive general practice, keeping you out of the periodontist’s chair and in an elevated state of oral health.

For more information on minimally invasive Perioscope Therapy or to schedule your periodontal screening and evaluation, contact our office and reserve your visit with Dr. Featherstone today.

Perioscope Therapy delivers the thorough periodontal care you need, without the discomfort or worry over traditional surgical methods. See what our patients are saying about this minimally invasive gum disease treatment.