Due to the rapid spread of Covid 19, all activities relating to sports have difficulties in holding on time. The NFL is trying their best to help players come back to the training camps. However, they have to discuss carefully about how to protect all players and what measures they should do to create a safe environment. According to some latest news, they already have some big plans to make sure that the health of their staffs will be taken care of. 

Players as well as the coaches all know about the important role of the training camps. But in the current time, they feel not safe enough to gather together because the government is applying social distancing to control the connection among people. The affection of Coronavirus is very serious which can lead to death so that almost all players are fear of being suffered from this. That’s why NFL should equip hundred of Corona test kits.

In a season, some professionals estimated that the number of test kits which supports for both players and coaches is enormous and worths a lot of money. The NFL may need more quantity than they has thought before. Have you ever curious about the suitable time that NFL can test for Covid 19? It’s in practising time or when they participate in the competition? Before the event starts, all people have to be tested to make sure that they are in good condition and ready to compete with other opponents. Other suggested that players should be tested before and after each game. Through the competition there are many contacts between each other so that they should ensure there is no one come back home with covid 19.

Following up to the rule of government now, The NFL decided to hinder fans from attending to the game in the stadium so that they can meet up each other and control this dangerous virus quịkly. Moreover, the NFL also cut down the time players practising in training camps so that both coaches and athletes will not meet up for a long time.