This serious incident was actually happened in Brisbane city on February 19th, 2020. According to Fox Sport title, American Football named as Rowan Baxte has burned his own car which was parked on the street near his mother’s house. Then he killed himself by a knife.

The moment Rowan setted on a fire, his three little childrens named Laianah, Aalizah , Trey respectively 6, 4 and 3 years old,  was in the car and unluckily these beautiful girls suffered the death by fire. His wife known as Hannah was severely burned but she tried her best to get out of the car. “ Help !! This inhuman person poured gasoline over me “. After hearing her loudly scream, some neighbors  helped to bring Hannah to hospital. Due to her serious injuries, she passed away in the age of 31

“ This was such a horrifying scene “ a police said when he was at the place of the incident. Until now, authorities are also looking into the main reason and don’t have any oficial informs yet. This news caused  great sensation and attracted many people’s care. Some claimed that this sadly action was due to conflict between he and his wife at that time. “ My cousins as well as my little sister was all killed instantly by a person that they looked up to. All people whoever knew them also have great impression.” Nat Clark- the victim’s brother said. 

Rowan Baxte established his reputation as a famous American football player. He had been playing for New Zealand Warriors for such a long time. He has retired and now worked as a personal trainer. Hannah also had great passion on sports and achieved some individual prizes for trampoline. Rowan always setted a shining example as a good father who was willing to sacrifice anything for his childrens. But he turned into another person after the divorce. 

This awful tragedy made a great angry to everyone who have ever loved him before. His facebook account is the place where people can commemorate for unlucky victims.