According to some professionals, kids that play American football when they are young don’t run the risk of being injured seriously as the older players. According to the research of Thomas Buckley- the header of Delaware University in Neward, the age that one player has the first time with American Football doesn’t relate to the time that an injury is recovered. 


Another statement of Buckley said that : “ Our main objective is NCAA football players and the research is about the ability to overcome the injury. There is a comparison between a person who started playing football when he was a little boy and a 25-year-old player. Both of them all had injuries and the result was that they recover at the same time.”


“ With only a small test, both players as well as parents can assure that allowing children to play American football in childhood is a suitable decision. However, it is important to make more researches to make sure that the final result is exact.”  He added. “ Although the study about some young players may be interesting, it still doesn’t express the neurological disorders that some footballers are facing up to.” – Shared by Ann McKee, the chairman of VA Boston Healthcare and the header of Boston University.


“ In some studies nowadays, the age that you start playing a sport plays an important role in how the disturbances are generated in the whole body. This is also an interesting conclusion which can help parents to decide when their child can play sports.” McKee answered to Medpage Today.

The research about when should player expose to football brought about different results. Some professionals announced that players may be affected much by the big hit of the ball to some particular parts of the body such as: head, shoulder, face, leg,… while others said that playing when we are young won’t impact much on our brain health. It is uncertain to conclude that early age may affect the ability to recover from injury, “ it is up to how serious the pain is and how each player takes care of himself whenever they come up with hardships on the field.” – They explained.


In some studies, the minimum age to research is 5 because this is the youngest age when kids build up their dream to be master in playing football. The experts can easily find out some small changes in the body and finally come to the conclusion.