A short but impressive performance in the half time of Super Bowl – the annual championship of National Football League ( NFL ), also known as American Football – the 54th Super Bowl in 2020. It is treated as the most valuable one which worths 1 million USD for each minutes and this program lasted for totally 13 minutes. This show was very successful thanks to the appearance of two “pop-star” Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

The final of Super Bowl this year is a competition between two equally strong team San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. It was held in Hard Rock stadium in Miami city, Florida State, United States where can hold at least 65,000 spectators on February 3rd, 2020. “ Super Bowl halftime show “ has been playing an important part in Super Bowl show, which becomes a principal brand for everyone that loves this show. 

Every year, the organizers will carefully invest in this show to make a good impression to onlookers as well as all people around the world. Wanting to have a remarkable comeback, there are about 2000 to 3000 participants who undertake preparing for the show. This would make sure that there is no fault when the programme is running. 

Dan Parise who is now working for Roc Nation – an entertainment company & producer of “ Super Bowl Halftime show” said : this show is the best cooperation of many special things : Famous singers, dancers, colorful lighting, animations,…” It looks like a giant puzzle game, which have ability to turn into original condition after cheerleaders make their performance. Especially in 2020, this was held in modern Hard Rock stadium where organizers can set up the most advanced sound and light. The reputation of the programme was established thanks to its 2020 breathtaking show. Surprisingly, two main singers in the show such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira also the big fans of Super bowl and they have followed many international tournaments of American Football.