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  1. Christian McCaffrey

Do you know something about Mc Caffrey – an American Football player ? He is treated as the third person who has achieved nearly 1000 yards in the NFL tournaments. In every match, he always plays an important role in supporting the teammates to accomplish their tasks. This is also the reason why he has a well-paid job and receives a lot of respect from other people. 

According to his coach whose name is Matt Rhule, McCaffrey makes a good impression with some professionals not only by his special talent but also his enthusiasm for playing. He has many characteristics that almost all football leagues are looking for.

  1. Stephon Gilmore

Gilmore became famous as a potential football player since he appeared in the 12th NFL season in 2000. Although his heavyweight sometimes leads to some difficulties in playing, he has the ability to overcome all these hardships thanks to the great effort, size as well as speed. He then turns into an indispensable person in all games of the NFL.

If you are a real fan of Gilmore, you may know that he leads a quiet life. He doesn’t want to show out what he has done and how he feels in both careers as well as personal life, let alone all the things he has contributed to the national team.

  1. DeAndre Hopkins

When he took part in the League seven years ago, There were only two other players who could compete with Hopkins: Julio Jones and Antonio Brown. They all achieved such a big number of prizes during their career but Hopkins is above all. He always proves to all spectators around the world that he will be deserved to gain good results. He has the ability to play both inside and outside which is treated as an enormous advantage to become professional in the NFL. According to his sharing, he has a big desire to create a world record in the future with all determination and hard-working.

  1. George Kittle

Kittle is a famous American Football player who is now an official member of the San Francisco 49ers. He got acquainted with this interesting sport since he studied at the University of Lowa Hawkeyes and achieved many individuals prizes: Pro Bowler and All-pro selection. He has established his own reputation as the best quarterback of all time which makes almost spectators feel excited. 

He is not only good at playing football but Kittle also has an important connection with some superstars like Jimmy Garoppolo. “ I think George Kittle is the type of person that I want to become. What a considerate and skillful player he is!”. 

  1. Deshaun Watson.

Also be known as an excellent American Football player, Watson leads a successful career after coming up with tons of hardships. The things that impress most of coaches and spectators is his thorough knowledge and his ability to predict all results in advance. Many people expect that he can develop his skills and become an all-round man in the near future. “ We only feel regret if we don’t do that. To be more decisive to pursue your big dream”