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American football – not for kids

American football is the most popular sport in the United States. There are 64 countries in the International Federation of American Football. According to television ratings in America, this sport is the clear number one. According to a Harris Poll poll in late 2018, 37 percent of Americans called it a favorite sport. This is the best result among all team sports with a large advantage. 

In the direction of the NFL (professional league of American football in the United States) has repeatedly heard statements about the dangers of the game. In response, the league has introduced new rules that should reduce the number of injuries. However, this had little impact on one important thing.

The problem with injuries is not solved, as a concussion is still a common phenomenon in the game. But, concussions are not the main enemy. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy of the brain is a disease that is rarely heard of. The disease can cause aggression, memory loss, and more. Learn more from a reliable source. The disease is not only provoked by concussions. It is caused by small tremors, which happen for the game dozens of times (especially with attackers).

“The cause maybe not only concussions but also insufficient for concussion blows with cumulative effect. Playing American football, you earn yourself brain damage. Unfortunately, we found encephalopathy in more than 96% of the former professional players we surveyed.

“It’s almost impossible to play American football without brain damage.”

The National League knows about the disease but does not take it seriously. Asked about the dangers of football, National League spokesman Roger Wooddell said: “It’s dangerous to live, even to sit on the couch.” You can say not so when you get $34,000,000 a year. The purpose of this article was not to put American football in a bad light. The game has long been part of U.S. culture. This post should convey, as for me, important information about this sport.

If you want to send your child to the American football section, take a look at other sports. Thus, even in the survey, professional players, for whom all life – football, noted that they would not give the child in this game. Much of the information was taken from the show “Adam spoil everything.” Season 1, Episode 14. If you watch the episode, you can find out more about it.

Steelers-Ravens: the promise of pure American football

We finished Week 7 having clear why we fell in love with the sport. A sport that is capable of turning 10 seconds into 5 minutes, and in that time frame, is capable of changing the fate of the game. A sport that does not allow anyone to make predictions, to feel safe, that does not allow you to breathe until the clock shows the figures 0:00 – and it is not said. As the Lions teach, on a drive of just 1 minute 4 seconds, with zero timeouts available, they scored a TD at the end of the last quarter and, despite a 15-yard penalty, managed to complete the transformational kick to win 23-22. Overtime escaped by a breath.

OT also avoided for the Saints thanks to Marcus Davenport’s sack on Teddy Bridgewater that took the Panthers out of the one-yard field goal range; and for the Steelers, not so much by divine grace but by Gostkowski who, not scoring the 3 points, determines Tennessee’s first loss this season.

And if these extra misses were similar to Seattle-Arizona’s 9 minutes and 40 minutes, then maybe it’s good that the games ended in regular time, sparing us a visit – otherwise certain – from the cardiologist. A game that, when it seemed over, called everything into question between penalties and interceptions that weighed much more than a few yards and a few percentages in statistics for Wilson and his team.

But these are the games that make us dream, which shows us that there are no sports like football. That this sport was born to be spectacular. That although you don’t cheer for any team on the field, despite not being a final or a divisional game, despite being in the middle of the regular season, you go to sleep with your heartbeat that is still in tachycardia. With his breath breathed and his throat dry as he screamed to hold that ball or block that player. With clothes stuck on for anxiety and excitement – and maybe also because exulting we spilled what we were drinking.

Ideally, this is what every fan would like to experience every weekend, from mid-September to early February.

Week 8 opens with a Thursday Night not exciting but surprising in the sense that it sees the Falcons take home their second win, against the Panthers who, compared to the previous week, were almost unrecognizable. Watching the other matches, Sunday’s Ravens-Steelers clash, he begins to feel the adrenaline-pumping taste on his tongue.

Leaving aside the historic rivalry between the two franchises, both teams will enter the field with more to prove than AFC North Division dominance: Pittsburgh wants to maintain its record as the only undefeated team, and the Ravens – who only come out losers from Week 3 against the Chiefs – not only want to stop the winning streak of ‘Big Ben’ but want to prove that Baltimore’s best defense is.

The Steelers arrive at M&T Bank Stadium with the defense granting the fewest yards per game, while the Ravens welcome guests by fielding the defense that concedes the fewest points. According to cornerback Jimmy Smith, with the Ravens since 2011 – the year he was selected with the 27th draft pick- ‘In these games, the defense has always been decisive. You know who their quarterback is and you know what their offense is capable of doing. But these matches result in heavyweight fights that are ultimately determined by the defense that plays best.’

American football. The Nantes Dockers have returned to training

At the beginning of September, the Nantes returned to the field of Mangin-Beaulieu to prepare for the new season of D2.

After a shortened season with only 5 days and for the Dockers 5 losses, president-coach Karl Viau hopes his team will have a better season in 2020-21: Apart from two teams that were above the lot, the other three were within our reach. We can do better for our second year at this level.

On the roster, the Dockers can rely on a group of 60 seniors. We have had ten major starts. It is the end of an era and a certain state of mind. We are fortunate to have been able to fill these departures with some interesting recruits. The team is getting younger.

With a junior and junior section with promising youngsters, the club is developing again this year with a minimal team (13 years).

The Flag section works very well with the Dockers with a group of about twenty elements. The Nantes have proven that they dominate this sector. The results take him away with titles in the league, the Coupe de France and in different tournaments. Not to mention three players spotted to join the Group France.

Karl Viau hopes this season will be good for the Dockers. He, who has been in the presidency for three years, decided to leave the vacancy at the end of the championship. I’m a default president. I needed someone and I took up the position to keep the club going, but that role doesn’t suit me. I prefer the field. It takes new blood in the office to bring new ideas. This year we feminized it a little more.

The club needs to have an operating budget of 60,000 euros and is looking for partners to ensure its season.

Before leaving his chair, Karl Viau has his mind turned to the new season which should start in January depending on the health situation.

At the moment, the Toulouse Bears are not bothered by the postponements of matches. It must be said that the American footballers of the Pink City are in the middle of the offseason and are patiently watching on January 16, 2021, the date of the resumption. Currently, the residents of the golden helmet division (French second division) are fine-tuning their physical condition. “The guys are not about to put on the helmets and shoulder pads until the end of October we work on cardio and muscle,” reveals the president-player Arnaud Montgénie. “Our seniors also have the chance to be followed by physical trainers from Stade Toulousain with whom we are working this season,” the manager said.


  1. The similarity

According to some comments of the American football professionals, this sport and rugby have some similarities in features as well as the way to play. The most difference that anyone can realize is the helmet that players will hold whenever they are in a match. There are various American Football codes that participants can easily choose the most suitable one for themself such as Union, League or Assie Rules. Players often change their code in each match to prove the determination to make a successful performance. Will this happen the same with Rugby ?

If you are a fan of both two sports, you may point out some features that represent these sports. Firstly, the fields have the same dimensions and players who want to take part in this sport need to have a good health situation. Besides, the ball which is used in the match should be generated in the same appearance so that players can easily hold it.

  1. Differences

Although Rugby and American Football have the same features, they appear to contain some differences that we can know if we have a long time playing it. The first thing is about protective systems. As you may know, American Football is treated as one of the most dangerous sports up to now. Players have to compete with others by hitting body parts such as legs, shoulders, … Due to the characteristics of each sport, the product should be created suitably to make sure that players will be protected carefully.

Another difference is the speed as well as the method to play well. Rugby is a sport that has thick padding and high protection from the helmet, so players can feel confident to do some strong hits. However, participants have more time to relax after a long day of practicing while American Football has to play continuously for hours. Rugby has two halves of 40 minutes for each part while American Football contains four quarters of 15 minutes. 

  1. The affection of COVID 19 towards both these two sports

As you may know, the United States is the nation that has the highest cases of people who have positive tests for COVID 19. This prevents these two sports from being held in the next time and there is no spectator at all. Some online casinos are created to cater to players’ tastes and the government can make some profit from that. Fans of the two sports feel satisfied with the way bookmakers are doing and hope that it will develop in the near future.





According to some professionals, kids that play American football when they are young don’t run the risk of being injured seriously as the older players. According to the research of Thomas Buckley- the header of Delaware University in Neward, the age that one player has the first time with American Football doesn’t relate to the time that an injury is recovered. 


Another statement of Buckley said that : “ Our main objective is NCAA football players and the research is about the ability to overcome the injury. There is a comparison between a person who started playing football when he was a little boy and a 25-year-old player. Both of them all had injuries and the result was that they recover at the same time.”


“ With only a small test, both players as well as parents can assure that allowing children to play American football in childhood is a suitable decision. However, it is important to make more researches to make sure that the final result is exact.”  He added. “ Although the study about some young players may be interesting, it still doesn’t express the neurological disorders that some footballers are facing up to.” – Shared by Ann McKee, the chairman of VA Boston Healthcare and the header of Boston University.


“ In some studies nowadays, the age that you start playing a sport plays an important role in how the disturbances are generated in the whole body. This is also an interesting conclusion which can help parents to decide when their child can play sports.” McKee answered to Medpage Today.

The research about when should player expose to football brought about different results. Some professionals announced that players may be affected much by the big hit of the ball to some particular parts of the body such as: head, shoulder, face, leg,… while others said that playing when we are young won’t impact much on our brain health. It is uncertain to conclude that early age may affect the ability to recover from injury, “ it is up to how serious the pain is and how each player takes care of himself whenever they come up with hardships on the field.” – They explained.


In some studies, the minimum age to research is 5 because this is the youngest age when kids build up their dream to be master in playing football. The experts can easily find out some small changes in the body and finally come to the conclusion. 



In a recent interview, the representatives of two famous conferences ( the Big Ten and Pac-12 ) have informed some important news which relates to the Coronavirus. They decided to postpone the football season until spring when this dangerous disease will be controlled effectively. The three conferences such as the Atlantic Coast Conference, Southeastern Conference and the Big 12 all agreed to delay the competition to protect people’s health. The number of spectators who will be allowed to enter the stadium also a matter that they should take into consideration right now. 

“ As you can see, the Coronavirus has led to many empty stadiums in the United States. This is the main reason why some small college towns are going to be destroyed.” Joshua Hendrickson shared his thinking about the downside of this disease. “ A lot of businesses are being delayed and we have to face up to many difficulties.” He added. 

On Saturdays in Fall, fans of this port often get along together and discuss about the performances of NFL players. More than 107,000 people come here to attend the match directly and they can cheer for their idols. However, the 2020 season witnessed a downturn in the revenue of the NFL because the Big Ten athletic conference decided to cancel the competition until 2021. 

According to some economists, the college game doesn’t make a great effect on the economy of the United States. Some people asked whether global pandemic will be the one that makes everything become worse. The answer is absolutely yes. On Saturday, the president of American Donald Trump spoke out his thinking about college football: “ I hope that in the near future, this type of sport will come back.” “ I think that a lot of people want to play it to help them become stronger, healthier and have more energy.” Trump told to a reporter. 

Can you imagine how America’s College Towns will be if there is no football ever? In Some famous places such as Iowa City, Pennsylvania,… all activities must be stopped to make sure that no one will have a positive test for COVID 19. Football is among the most things that attract a lot of travelers to come, but now people can not go to other nations due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus.  


Lebron James absolutely has special talent to become a professional american football player, but he decided to give up for a silly reason.

In recent days, Lebron James has posted on his Instagram a title that relating to him when he was just a high school boy. This writing properly appreciated LA Lakers players and treated them as the best players in Ohio States. They had enough extraordinary talent to participate in National football league (NFL) with the position as a Wide Receiver.

When he still a student in St.Vincent-St.Mary high school, Lebron took part in both basketball and American Football. Besides famous for orange ball, he also made great impression as a professional football player. According to the post of the three-time NBA championship , he took the ball as well as tackled about 60 passes with the distance of 1200 yard. The writer said that Lebron owns a big hand and incredible speed that can easily beat any opponents. He is judged to be the new version of Randy Moss ( the Legend of NFL ).

“ In my senior year, I stopped playing American Football ( despite of my great passion for it ) because I always suffered from school bullying. Teammates in my American football team at school didn’t allow me to join in and they threatened me that If I came to football place, they would hit me until I couldn’t  put up with it. I think i had an exact choice but If I didn’t be hindered from playing football, I would make many highlights up to now”.

Thanks to his persistence in practising to play basketball , Lebron James was chosen by Cleveland Cavaliers after he graduated from high school. Among 17 NBA seasons, he has been the member of All-star for 16 times, achieving four MVP prizes and became the best player who had three  champions of NBA. He is still a great player in the history of basketball leagues nowadays.

Best American Soccer Players in the World Right Now (Part 1)

15—Jose Torres
Torres’s performance has been up and down during the recent USMNT, but he is still one of the best hopes for the Americans to have r a true “playmaking” midfielder. His inclusion in this list while not playing at his best is a testament to how shallow the American pool really is.

14—Sacha Kljestan
Kljestan has quietly rising to become a consistent performer for Anderlecht in the Belgian League and has been picking up to Europa League—and now Champions League. We all expect him to be called back into the USMNT camp sooner rather than later.

13—Jermaine Jones
On pure talent, Jones is probably sixth or seventh position on this list despite his propensity to do stupid things on the field. Both his club and internationally, have given him popular reputations as a dirty player and a hothead.

12—Maurice Edu
The former Rangers midfielder—now playing at Stoke City—is a consistent, if not flashy player. He always brings in an honest shift and is versatile enough that he can be called upon to compete in the back line when needed.

11—Danny Williams
This rating is probably a little high just because Williams has been had a few solid games recently for the USMNT. Besides, he has been a frequent call-up for the USMNT under Jurgen Klinsmann and the team has competed better with him in the lineup than without. The USMNT has won 62 percent of their games with Williams in the lineup under Klinsmann’s guidance. By comparison, Klinsmann’s has won 50 percent overall.

10—Herculez Gomez
It may not always be pretty, but the fact of the matter is, Herculez Gomez’ ability to score goals has made him a valuable player for both his clubs and his country. He has three goals in seven starts under Klinsmann’s guidance and has become trusted by the USMNT manager because of his honest effort every time he plays on the field.

Brief introduction of American Football (Part 2)


When a player scores a touchdown that worth of six points to their team. A touchdown can be scored by either delivering the ball into the end zone or receiving the ball from a pass whilst in the end zone. After a touchdown has been recorded, the attacking team have chance to kick the ball for an extra point. The ball must deliver between the upright posts for a successful kick.

A field goal can be made from anywhere on the pitch at any time (usually on the final down) and a successful kick will be worth of three points. A safety is where the defensive team manages to follow and tackle an attacking opponent in their own end zone; for this the team will receive 2 points.

Winning the Game

The team that win the most points at the end of the game will be the winner. If the points are tied then over time will come into play where the teams will compete an additional quarter until a winner is announced.

Rules of American Football

Each aame last for four quarters of 15 minute. There are 2 minute break between the 1st & 2nd and 3rd & 4th quarters and a 15 minute rest between 2nd and 3rd quarters (half time).

Each team has 4 downs to gain at least 10 or more yards. They can deliver the ball by  either throwing or running the ball to make the yards. As soon as the team gains the required yards then the downs are reset and the yardage resets. Failure to make the yardage after 4 downs, the match will enter a turnover.

There are hundreds of different matches that players can run on any down. Plays are made up by the teams and often have players running all over the field (routes) in what is essentially organised chaos. The head coach or quarterback calls the on field area plays for the attacking team whilst the defensive captain calls the plays for the defensive team.

At the beginning of every game is the coin toss to determine which team receives the ball first and which side of the pitch they want to begin with.

The game staets with a kick-off where one team punts the ball down field for the other team to then run back with the ball as far as possible.