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Ass you may probably know, the rapid spreading of the global pandemic whose name is COVID 19 has made a great impact on people’s lives, especially sporting events. The upcoming competition between the Baylor Bears and Houston Cougars had to be postponed to protect the player as well as coaches of each national team. The Baylor feared that they couldn’t control the outbreak of viruses in the community and the Big 12 might be the main reason that led to nonstopping off the coronavirus. Other teams have to support for the host and try their best to create another plan next time. 

Mack B. Rhoades – the header of Baylor Bears shared his feeling about this matter: “ I know that delaying a sporting event makes spectators feel bad, but we should take care of people’s health during the outbreak of COVID 19. Only in this way can we control this disease completely and protect ourselves easily. All we have to do now is waiting for another chance in the near future.”

The game between two teams: Baylor and Houston are among one of the famous tournaments which are delayed until further notice. Another match between Florida Atlantic and Georgia university that would start at 3.00 pm due to the positive result of an American footballer whose name is Owls. Anyone who had near contact with him should check the temperature to know whether they were affected by Coronavirus or not. 

According to the header of Houston, COVID 19 is the main reason that made all plan become impossible. There were three games that couldn’t go as scheduled such as : The opening game with Rice Owls, the American Athletic Conference with Memphis,…Fans of Houston hope that in the next time at least one game will be held so that they will have chance to attend the match directly. 

“ The Baylor informed us through mobile phone that the upcoming game would not be played due to some serious matters that related to the global pandemic. They wanted to discuss more to find out another suitable day.” – Pezman – Vice president of Houston said in a recent interview.

“ When we heard, we felt very upset and regretted for all efforts that we have made. Coaches, players as well as thousands of staff had to practice day by day in order to prepare for a remarkable performance. They are treated as considerate people who are willing to do everything to become the winner. Although the game can not be held, they will never lose the team spirit as well as the motivation.”