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  1. Christian McCaffrey

Do you know something about Mc Caffrey – an American Football player ? He is treated as the third person who has achieved nearly 1000 yards in the NFL tournaments. In every match, he always plays an important role in supporting the teammates to accomplish their tasks. This is also the reason why he has a well-paid job and receives a lot of respect from other people. 

According to his coach whose name is Matt Rhule, McCaffrey makes a good impression with some professionals not only by his special talent but also his enthusiasm for playing. He has many characteristics that almost all football leagues are looking for.

  1. Stephon Gilmore

Gilmore became famous as a potential football player since he appeared in the 12th NFL season in 2000. Although his heavyweight sometimes leads to some difficulties in playing, he has the ability to overcome all these hardships thanks to the great effort, size as well as speed. He then turns into an indispensable person in all games of the NFL.

If you are a real fan of Gilmore, you may know that he leads a quiet life. He doesn’t want to show out what he has done and how he feels in both careers as well as personal life, let alone all the things he has contributed to the national team.

  1. DeAndre Hopkins

When he took part in the League seven years ago, There were only two other players who could compete with Hopkins: Julio Jones and Antonio Brown. They all achieved such a big number of prizes during their career but Hopkins is above all. He always proves to all spectators around the world that he will be deserved to gain good results. He has the ability to play both inside and outside which is treated as an enormous advantage to become professional in the NFL. According to his sharing, he has a big desire to create a world record in the future with all determination and hard-working.

  1. George Kittle

Kittle is a famous American Football player who is now an official member of the San Francisco 49ers. He got acquainted with this interesting sport since he studied at the University of Lowa Hawkeyes and achieved many individuals prizes: Pro Bowler and All-pro selection. He has established his own reputation as the best quarterback of all time which makes almost spectators feel excited. 

He is not only good at playing football but Kittle also has an important connection with some superstars like Jimmy Garoppolo. “ I think George Kittle is the type of person that I want to become. What a considerate and skillful player he is!”. 

  1. Deshaun Watson.

Also be known as an excellent American Football player, Watson leads a successful career after coming up with tons of hardships. The things that impress most of coaches and spectators is his thorough knowledge and his ability to predict all results in advance. Many people expect that he can develop his skills and become an all-round man in the near future. “ We only feel regret if we don’t do that. To be more decisive to pursue your big dream”



The outbreak of COVID around the world has prevented people from getting together in one place and many activities have to be postponed until the pandemic is controlled completely. Training camp – a famous event of the NFL ( National Football League ) is treated as one of the most appealing things for sports lovers, especially anyone who is hooked on American football. However, this year should be an exception that the header of the programma has to release a number of players in order to protect people from being affected by the pandemic.

There are about a total of 38 players from both high schools as well as colleges who miss the chance to take part in the event of NFL on Saturday. The NFL teams decided to release the participants to 53 people so that the virus doesn’t have a chance to spread in the community. Among players from Alabama schools, 13 people have not graduated yet and they don’t have opportunities to join the preseason due to the bad situation of the global pandemic.

According to the official list of the NFL, some viral names such as Prince Tega Wanogho, Lachavious Simmons will be the most impressive appearance on the game day because they have much experience who can give big motivation for players to make remarkable performance. 23 players were thought to have been on NFL rosters in 2020 and they seem to come back with youthful energy and good condition. Although the pandemic has made everything become more difficult, the spirit of all teams will never change. 

If you followed the 2019 sporting event of the NFL, you may know some interesting facts: Angelo Blackson won 15 games for the Houston Texans, Trent Scott surpassed other teams by starting 9 games continuously and Robert Foster had advantage when winning 26 games for the Buffalo Bills. These are treated as the most successful results of some popular American Footballers that the other generation should learn. 

When it comes to NFL cut-down days, many players feel nervous about their ability to participate in the game. In Sunday’s afternoon, the coach of each team will sign a contract with the representatives of the NFL and have a short of time to practice before the game. Due to the coronavirus, the number of teams has been broadened from 10 to 16 players and six people among them will not be vulnerable to some limitations on their NFL experience

How the UK has embraced American football (part 2)

Commitment to the game

No matter where they watch games, UK fans are still committed. Time differences between here and the US might mean fans have to stay up until the early hours of the morning, but it’s worth it. Despite the inconvenient timing, it’s not stopping us watching – viewing figures here in the UK are up 40% year-on-year.

Educational institutions

More American football societies and clubs are popping up at universities across the country. So we’re not just watching it; we’re playing it too! Amateur American football clubs are making more of an appearance in the UK. See if you can find one close to you here. There are even programmes like the NFL Academy, which gives aspiring athletes the chance to train their skills while studying a course at Barnet and Southgate College.

With more of the united kingdom population playing football, it’s going to only be a matter of your time before the united kingdom gets its own franchise.

Potential for UK franchise

NFL research reports there being over 13 million fans within the UK. This, alongside the rise of individuals playing the game , makes it likely a UK franchise could crop up over the approaching years. There have already been talks of the Jacksonville Jaguars owner Sahid Khan, who is also the owner of Fulham F.C. in the UK, bringing the team over permanently. Speaking of the Jacksonville Jaguars, in another push for American football in the UK, the Jaguars Playing Academy takes place at Brunel University this July!

With American football becoming more popular within the UK, the country seems to possess fully embraced the game . Whether it’s because of the NFL’s own tactical expansion plans or an increased interest in playing the sport, a UK franchise could be just around the corner.

How the UK has embraced American football (Part 1)

With a total league revenue of over 13 billion US dollars, the National Football League (NFL) dominates the US sports betting world. Around 70% of respondents consider themselves a fan of the NFL. It’s a lot like the UK’s love for football.

With its popularity spreading from high-school level, through college, to the NFL, American football is of huge interest. Americans love the world of touchdowns, tailgates, and end zones. Despite its deep American affiliation – the clue’s in the name – American football is becoming more and more popular here in the UK. Let’s figure out why.

NFL expansion

The league itself has made huge efforts to broaden interest outside the U.S. Since 2007, The NFL London Games is the main attraction. Organized at Wembley and various other nearby stadiums, these games easily found on any markets. Attracting American football enthusiasts from around the country, independent of specific team alliances, there are now four games organized per season.

This was a successful move because it allowed any already existing UK fans to feel included in the NFL excitement. Rather than having to stream online or watch the few games shown on TV, they get to experience the atmosphere in-person. It’s easier to feel more involved when the game is right on your doorstep! UK fans can even buy season tickets which get them into all of the UK games.

Besides the games, the NFL put on tailgates and fan zones the same aa the ones they do in America. Not only is the NFL looking to sell the sport itself, but also the atmosphere and culture that associated with it.

Tottenham’s ten-year deal to host two games a year is a sign of the NFL’s commitment to its UK fanbase. The stadium has even gone so far as to craft a custom American football field that has been engineered to cover Tottenham’s own pitch.



If you are a fan of this event, you absolutely know that this is an American Football match which is held to find out the champion of the National Football League (NFL). Every year, the organizers always invest such a lot of money to make it become a remarkable show for everyone around the world. This contest is the place where all of brilliant players from all nations get together to compete with each other. Have you ever been curious about how much money they will earn from Super Bowl ?. According to some official information , players who has won the playoff games as well as the Super Bowl will have salary that not as high as the money they receive from usual seasons. Although you may think that this is enormous number, but with some millionaires like players of NFL, it seems to be very ordinary.


In Super Bowl 2020, there were two teams that would compete with each other including The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. It was taken place on February 2, 2020 at Miami Gardens, Florida at Hard Rock Stadium. The time for match was from 6:30 p.m ET to 11:30 p.m UK time. Throughout the match, there were many social medias which updated the latest news about it such as NBC, BBC, CTV, 7network,…


Besides establishing the reputation as the winner of the championship, they also awarded many other valuable prizes such as medals or money. Players in the title game will get about $ 118,000 for each person. After every match, players can make great income of $201,000 and some gifts as well as glory. 

What will players on the losing group receive ? You may think that they will have nothing and return home with their disappointment, but facts will be different. They won’t go home with empty, contrarily, each player will have at least $59,000 for the final show along with their salary in postseason. According to this, the loser will receive around $142,000.

For each player has different compensation.For the highest income of NFL players like  Tom Brady, Todd Gurley and Rob Gronkowski – $201,000 is an ordinary amount in comparison to what they earn in a year. Aaron Donald, the most generously compensated player in the Super Bowl, procures a yearly salary of $22.5 million.


According to NFL network’s Mike Garafolo reported on Wednesday, Gore wants to take part in the 16th NFL season in 2020 and has already begun training toughly in order to become the winner. Recently, He obviously signed a short-term contract for about one year with New York Jets. He is treated to be the potential player who will be awarded the championship and has possibility to break a record this year.

Although he is now in the age of 36 which may not be much more strong than other youth players but he decided to run at a high level. Therefore, he will have opportunity to make his dream come true that can rewrite the history.

Marcus LeMarr Allen has established his reputation as a former football running back as well as the American Football safety  of NFL. He is the only one who can witness anything at age 37, especially the Hall of Fame career. Working as a professional, he can easily reach up to more than 12,200 yards and caught nearly 600 passes for 5,412 yards when he was a member of Los Angeles Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs in 1982-1997 period.

Can Frank Gore stand a chance to exceed Allen – a strong opponent with age 37 season ? Gore has operated about 600 yards on 166 carries and created two consecutive touchdown when competing with Devin Singletary last year. He has made many excellent performances which can help him to apply for many jobs another year.

Throughout his career as a american football player, gore has never performed ten touchdowns in every single season, let alone Allen’s 11 scores which seem to be impossible for him. Gore can rush to 505 yards that Allen had made before and has ability to achieve 100 carries over the years. Gore said that he will update his NFL record by a remarkable comeback since turning 30. He had 719 points more than Emmitt Smith and he will become  top five running backs in rushing yards after 30 when he starts retiring. 


As the greatest player of American football, Tom Brady, whose wife is supermodel Gisele Bundchen, has such a dream life which makes the whole world have to be jealous. 

On the March 2020, Tom Brady, 42 years old, decided to leave New England Patriots after 20 years of being part of. This event has been the most highlighted news for many weeks. Brady enlisted Patriots as a player since the very first day he took part in NFL as a professional American football player. He is also appraised to be GOAT – the greatest American football player of all time.

These above titles can speak volumes. Along with Patriots, Brady took part in 9 matches of Super Bowl (the final of NFL) and won 6 titles – more than any American football player in the history. He won 4 titles as the most outstanding Super Bowl player and other 3 titles as the most outstanding player of NFL. Apart from these titles, Brady is also well-known for a legendary Super Bowl match in 2017, which is also known as ”the 28-3 match”. At that time, Atlanta Falcon seemed to be the winner when leading the match with a score of 28-3, however, then Patriots was the one who gained the victory with the final score of 34-28. 

Not only succeed on the football pitch, but Brady also has a completely perfect life. Tom has the impressive height of 1m93 and married one of the most gorgeous woman of the world – supermodel Gisele Bundchen. 

To stand on the position where he is now, Brady has been through a lot of ups and downs, hard-working days of training and he has never given up on his way of upgrading American football playing skills.


Nowadays, football is becoming more and more  popular and takes the lead in sport in USA. It overtakes soccer and plays an important part as basketball. Why does people have a great interest in this game ? Let’s get an overall look at some facts below!


  • How to play American Football ?                                                                                          

American Football is known as the professional and favourite team sport in USA. It originated from the sports of soccer and rugby, but there are some significant differences between the rules and features. In USA, the most popular forms of this game are professional, college and youth football.

American football stadiums are usually 100 yards ( about 91 meters long ), devided into 5 parts with 5 yards for each part. It is marked by 19 white lines  and at the end of each yard is the end-zone. There are some other things we should bear in mind such as: goal line, end-line and goal posts.

A national football team can include up to 40-50 people and have 3 small team:

  • Offensive Unit
  • Defensive Unit
  • Special Teams Unit


  • Characteristics of this game

Football is a game which demands full of energy and involves sickening crashes. Hence, American Football players are always running the risk of serious injury such as : some bruises on their face, ass, shoulder, finger also…After training consecutively in a short time, they often suffer from chronic body pain. Even when they dont play, these terrible pain is still very bad. 

  • Rules of American Football

According to the basic rules, attacking team have only  4 times to play. Their role is to find a way to make the ball go ahead and attempt to have the ball gone into opponent’s field for 10 yards ( about 0,91 meters long ). They should try their best to win, otherwise, they have to give place to other teams. 

  • Some popular competitions

In the United States, The National Football League ( (NFL) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association ( NCAA ) are the most favorite football leagues. It has the highest attendance of any professional sports league in the world. However, football is also known as a dangerous game which involves many kicks and fierce battles. Therefore, players are required to wear a set of equipment. They look like mighty warriors ready to go out for war.