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Why does the North American Football League (MLS) have no form of relegation (Part 4)

The American Professional Basketball (NBA) tournament is a unified prize, but it is divided into the same region.

However, when dividing the region like this, there will be cases where the second ranked team in this region has a higher score than the championship team of another region, from which the team with the higher performance must yield to the championship series for lower performing teams. So in basketball, baseball, … all have qualifying places for teams that do not champions the region. The result was a series of games to secure the championship, from at least 10 teams in the baseball tournament to 16 teams in the basketball tournament.

The professional tournaments in North America are not in the form of promotion and relegation, but there are teams that play in small leagues. These teams are either affiliated with or affiliated with the major league teams so they don’t have to worry about the players or even the revenue. While the big teams don’t have to worry about relegation, teams with poor performance can think of next season even if it isn’t over yet.

This generally helps the North American pro league system to be more stable and balanced between teams in a league; but limited opportunities for investment as well as for teams from small cities. In addition, the problem with TV rights holders in two different regions makes it difficult for the North American Professional Football Championship to form relegation.

The American football tournament was born after a long time, so although it did not divide the tournament too detailed, it still kept the form of championship competition with a series of matches to help the North American audience feel familiar. And the knockout format generally generates more revenue because there will be important matches and a cup final that takes place every year, rather than a long, dramatic 38th round that takes place like in Europe.

Why does the North American Football League (MLS) have no form of relegation (Part 3)

In the UK, because the Football League was born before and has a greater influence, when merged, the teams in the Football League (now the First Division) will be higher when comparing to the teams in the Football Association.

Since then, two divisions are formed and in order to create consistency, there will be a move up and down between the two tournaments after each season. Meanwhile in the US, both the National League and the American League are not too different, so the two merged tournaments will work in parallel and create a joint tournament (Major League Baseball). To create consistency, the two champions of the two tournaments will compete against each other to compete for the US baseball championship.

It was the primitive form of relegation and relegation in Europe and the final format used to define champions in North America. However, the question remains as to why in each region there was a series of elimination matches, not just one final match as in the early days. That also relates to history. Major League Baseball (MLB) later expanded south and west. However, this expansion (circa 1950s) appeared before the popularization of commercial aircraft (1960s and 1970s), making it difficult to navigate, especially for a large country. as large as the US (the distance between New York and Los Angeles is up to 4000 km).

Due to the small size of European soccer countries, football leagues in Europe do not have this problem (the only soccer player with a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland was Brazil until the 1970s when a championship was established. countries in the form of a circle) Therefore, in the two mini prizes of the MLB tournament, it is required to divide the region.

For example, the National League is divided into two regions of East and West and champions of each region will compete against each other to choose the champions of the National League.

Why does the North American Football League (MLS) have no form of relegation (Part 2)

Before learning about the underlying cause, it’s important to know that all of the remaining 5 professional leagues in North America (American football, Canadian rugby, baseball, basketball, and hockey) do the same.

Therefore, the simple answer to the question in the title is because other leagues in North America are the same.

Why the tournaments in North America are organized like this is so much history. Here we will compare the development of the two oldest leagues in Europe and North America: the Football League and the National League, which is money. to develop the soccer leagues in other European countries and other North American leagues.

Football League (FL) was born in 1888 with 12 teams in central England, competing in a circle format to select champions. Similarly, the National League (NL) was born in 1875 with 8 teams in the northeastern United States and also in a circular format. However, because football in England at that time had developed and had many professional teams, the FL organizers had a rule that allowed the team with the worst performance at the end of the season to be eliminated by votes.

Meanwhile, before the NL was established, there were many other professional baseball leagues that failed. That’s why finding a team to compete is already an achievement, let alone team selection. Also, the pitch conditions for baseball in the late 19th century were generally more difficult than soccer, so there were fewer professional baseball teams than professional soccer teams.

After a season of organizing, realizing the success of FL, the Football Association tournament was born to compete for influence. While in America, the American League was born after that with the same purpose. After a few parallel seasons, both countries witnessed the merger of 2 tournaments. However, due to different conditions as well as history, the way of merging is different.


Why does the North American Football League (MLS) have no form of relegation (Part 1)

As more and more stars flock to the American football league, such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Rooney or Bastian Schweinsteiger. Along with the growth of American football in general, audience interest in this tournament has also increased, even among football fans.

The biggest difference between the North American football tournament and the rest of the world is that there is no promotion and relegation, which means that a team, even if it loses all season, will continue to participate next year. In addition, the best team in the rankings is not the championship team, but the championship is only determined after a series of elimination between the best teams in each region. The following article will show why, as well as interesting in this arrangement.

The first is how the tournament works (according to the 2017 season, since 2018 and 2019 the tournament is expanding, the format is not uniform). 22 teams will be divided into 2 domains (conference). For a club, they will play 2 or 3 matches against a team from the same region (23 matches total), and 1 match against a team from another region (11 games total). After 34 matches, each region selects the top 6 teams to enter the knockout series. Teams from the same region will compete on their own, until there are 2 remaining teams from the two regions competing to choose the champion. This means that the top team after a series of 34 games is unlikely to be the winner that season. And of course, the bottom teams will not be relegated or eliminated from the tournament.

One explanation for the organization above is that the North American football league is new, so there are few investors, so it is necessary to bring the teams to the top league in order to attract capital. And since there are many teams, it is difficult to have a circle match, so it is necessary to have a series of qualifiers. However, this explanation is correct but there is a lack of reason because the Japanese football tournament became professional at the same time as North America (Japan was 1992 and North America was 1994), but now it has maintained relegation between 3 classes. In addition, the North American league system also has the second and third division, only that there is no relegation between classes.