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According to the regular laws of the NFL, all 32 teams will put on the pink uniform in October with a meaningful purpose. They want to support a big campaign in the league which can be a big motivation for cancer victims. Pink is the color that represents love, hope as well as success. They want to express their priority toward people who are unlucky in health. Although the players of the league no longer wear these types of clothes, they still do voluntary work to support cancer people with 32 head coaches.

Before taking part in any competitions, all players have to test their health as well as temperature to make sure that no one will be ill. However, the coach of the Washington Football Team whose name is Ron Rivera had some signs of SCC – a serious disease that needs time to recover. As you probably know, the first game will start at the beginning of October in Week 4, other players will make a big surprise to Rivera. Each person is willing to donate an amount of money and the total is around $30.000 to the American Cancer Society.


We can see some viral images which were updated on the official website of the NFL, both players and coaches wore shirts that have words : “ Rivera strong”. The unity of all 32 teams has created big energy for Rivera to try his best to overcome the difficulty. According to a reporter of the Washington Post, Rivera participated in a game on Week 4 and he sat next to a staff of the league. He might have overcome something uncomfortable due to his bad health.


During the Sunday’s game, he chose to be on the reserved teams and supported other teammates if they were in need. Jack Del will lead the whole team and make some decisions in case a sudden incident happens – said by Rapoport of the NFL. Rivera has shared his own feeling when he knew that the cancer is making a great impact on his whole life. 


Although he always feels anxious about the situation of his health, he promised that he would try his best to overcome all the difficulties thanks to great supports from fans around the world as well as his colleagues. He has to undergo many treatments with some famous doctors but he has never missed any competitions of the NFL.