Among some popular sports nowadays, American Football is treated as the most dangerous one for many reasons. Players who take part in this sport should be equipped carefully to make sure that they will be protected from serious injuries. We list out some common injuries that you should take into consideration. Therefore you can have good preparation before participating a match.

  1. Hamstring 

It is the part from the back of the knee to the buttocks. It includes three muscle such as Semitendinosus (ST), semimembranosus (SM),biceps femoris ( long head BFLH – short head BFSH ). When you feel uncomfortable at the back of your thigh, it will be the clear symptoms of hamstring strain. Be careful not to bring the heavy things or else your problem will become more serious.

  1. Knee

NFL made a summary about bad injuries of players last year so that people can update the condition of their idols. According to it, knee injuries have topped the list for many years. As you may know, american football players have to use all their body parts to take the ball from opponents. Therefore , they have to face up to a lot of risks because this area has many moving parts. Many players had to miss other tournaments due to the pain in their knee which were very difficult to move.

  1. Ankle and foot
  • Ankle: If you usually read some news about sports, you may know that ankle injuries are the most popular one. Players who suffer from this pain have to leave the stadium for at least 2 months. Therefore, the injury will be recovered on time.
  • Nowadays thanks to the development of footwear, players feel assured when they have problem with the foot. The most suitable shoes will be prepared to help them have a good performance. 
  1. Shoulder

Quarterbacks are treated as the main reason that lead to injuries in shoulder. All players who take part in a match on the field find that it is not easy for them to get away from shoulder injuries. They have to contact with other opponents by landing on his shoulder after catching. 

  1. Leg

According to some NFL players, leg injuries are also the pain that they usually face up to. Legs play an important part in the career of a player. Thanks to it, they can move easily from one place to another. Anyone who have a good leg is likely to have more chance in catching the ball than another. Therefore, If they have leg injuries, they will not gain the opportunity to participate in the rest of NFL season