As you probably know, American Football is treated as one of the most interesting sports around the world which attracts a lot of people to take up. It exactly originated from the United States for a long time and in the past, only citizens of this nation knew about it. Nowadays with the development of technology, more information about this sport is spreading rapidly through the internet so that people can learn it easily by watching tutorial videos. It is played by more than 30 countries in Europe and in each nation, there is a different rule for players to follow. If you want to get more information about the most famous American football leagues in Europe, this post is very important to you with the list of the top four. Taking a quick look below and guess what is the most favorite league around the world.

  1. Superserien

In Sweden, Superserien is treated as the most popular one in which many people choose to play American football. There are about six teams in this league and the official team for each competition has changed respectively through the years. Although the league has a few players, they all have good skills as well as high determination to bring back the prizes for their team. This is also the league that can hold up such a lot of appealing American football matches every year. According to some comments of spectators, they feel very satisfied with the way the league to take care of players as well as coaches. In the future, Superserien may become one of the most famous leagues in the world.

  1. Vaahteraliiga

It is well known as one of the first American Football league to be founded in Finland nowadays. If player takes part in the competition of this league, they will have at least six months to compete with opponents from different teams around the world. You are also known as Finnish champion if you get the highest position in the tournament. This is the place where some greatest American footballers have played for a long time and when they had to retire, they wanted to work more to contribute all their efforts to the league. 

  1. The Austrian Football League

It is considered as one of the most well-known American football leagues in Europe. In 1984, three excellent teams called Salzburg Lions, Vienna Ramblocks, and Graz Giants decided to found a football league that will meet the needs of people in Europe. The most important thing which helped it to establish the reputation is the winning continuously of the AFL team in Europe Football League. Until now, fans of American football highly recommend this league because of its profession. 

  1. The German Football League

The league was formed in 1979 which was very famous for many players at that time. It beats other leagues thanks to its professional tournaments over the years that has attracted such a lot of excellent people to join. According to some comments of players, they felt very satisfied with the way the league has taken care of staff as well as coaches in the COVID 19 period. To participate in this American Football league, you should try your best to practice every day to make sure that the best performance will be made.