The outbreak of COVID around the world has prevented people from getting together in one place and many activities have to be postponed until the pandemic is controlled completely. Training camp – a famous event of the NFL ( National Football League ) is treated as one of the most appealing things for sports lovers, especially anyone who is hooked on American football. However, this year should be an exception that the header of the programma has to release a number of players in order to protect people from being affected by the pandemic.

There are about a total of 38 players from both high schools as well as colleges who miss the chance to take part in the event of NFL on Saturday. The NFL teams decided to release the participants to 53 people so that the virus doesn’t have a chance to spread in the community. Among players from Alabama schools, 13 people have not graduated yet and they don’t have opportunities to join the preseason due to the bad situation of the global pandemic.

According to the official list of the NFL, some viral names such as Prince Tega Wanogho, Lachavious Simmons will be the most impressive appearance on the game day because they have much experience who can give big motivation for players to make remarkable performance. 23 players were thought to have been on NFL rosters in 2020 and they seem to come back with youthful energy and good condition. Although the pandemic has made everything become more difficult, the spirit of all teams will never change. 

If you followed the 2019 sporting event of the NFL, you may know some interesting facts: Angelo Blackson won 15 games for the Houston Texans, Trent Scott surpassed other teams by starting 9 games continuously and Robert Foster had advantage when winning 26 games for the Buffalo Bills. These are treated as the most successful results of some popular American Footballers that the other generation should learn. 

When it comes to NFL cut-down days, many players feel nervous about their ability to participate in the game. In Sunday’s afternoon, the coach of each team will sign a contract with the representatives of the NFL and have a short of time to practice before the game. Due to the coronavirus, the number of teams has been broadened from 10 to 16 players and six people among them will not be vulnerable to some limitations on their NFL experience