Those missed the cut of “Best American Soccer Players in the World Right Now”

The not so amused part about your favorite team being an international team is the time players return to club football and the month-long wait until the next season of games.

As those Americans who were called up to the United States Male National Team return to their clubs, and those who weren’t called up got their breaks, let’s take a look at some that just missed the cut of the list “best American footballers in the world right now”.

To be honest, it’s easier to name the first 10 or 11 players, the rest of the competition gets pretty tight. So, let’s take a moment and recognize some of those who didn’t quite make the list, still they are certainly some of the top Americans out there right now.

Clarence Goodson—Goodson is a frequent USMNT call-up player and the current captain of Brondby in the Danish League. He certainly isn’t famous, but always puts in an honest style and is a constant offensive threat to opponents.

Eric Lichaj—For the past year, Lichaj has been making his way into the starting lineup at Aston Villa with more and more frequency. Jurgen Klinsmann is definitely worth to notice.

Graham Zusi—At 26, Zusi has long seen as a hot prospect, but if his performance keeps getting better, he is about to hit his full potential.

Josh Gatt—The speedy 21-year-old winger for Molde got his first USMNT call-up just before having to drop out of the squad due to injury. Surely, he is one of the best American youngsters playing football out there.

Terrence Boyd—The 21-year-old Rapid Vienna forward just begins coming into his own and is off to a red-hot start with his club. It’s only a matter of time until he turns out to be a huge star with the USMNT.

Jozy Altidore—His club form over the past year has been more than solid that get him to USMNT frequently.