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Lifelike Tooth Replacement Options to Restore Your Smile


Tooth Loss Facts and Statistics



Changing Lives With Successful Tooth Replacement

Losing teeth can leave you feeling embarrassed, anxious when communicating with others and less-than-confident about your smile. Add to these emotional concerns difficulty with chewing and other oral complications, and tooth loss becomes a major obstacle in your life. Dr. Richard Featherstone can drastically improve your situation with beautiful, functional, lifelike tooth replacement solutions, whether you have lost a single tooth or are completely without teeth.


Life like Options Rival Natural Teeth

It is always our mission to save teeth. However, when circumstances fall beyond our control, Dr. Featherstone provides several options for comfortable, effective tooth replacement.

  • Dental Implants: Implants replace teeth in their entirety, providing lifetime tooth replacement. Implant posts integrate with the jaw bone, mimic the natural look, feel and function of teeth, and are ideal for those with adequate bone.
  • Teeth-in-1Day: Most often, the best choice for multiple missing teeth is Teeth-in-1Day™ implant retained dentures that do not loosen, even when eating or speaking. Ideal for patients facing tooth loss or transitioning to dental implants, Teeth-in-1Day™ affords same day extractions, implant placement and denture delivery for an immediate, functional, gorgeous smile.
  • Implant Supported Dentures: For those with extensive tooth loss, we provide the current standard of care for transition to dentures: A beautifully cosmetic upper full denture with the bottom denture stabilized by two implants. Our cutting-edge dentistry also uses implants to augment retention of partial dentures for a completely stable biting function and confident smile.
  • Dentures: A beautiful complement to your smile, traditional dentures replace multiple missing teeth with the look of natural teeth and gums. Removable dentures are ideal for replacing teeth while waiting to begin dental implant placement, or as a cost-effective alternative until implants become an attainable option.


Custom-Tailored Replacement Teeth, From Fixed to Removable Solutions

Your specific needs and smile goals determine the services you receive from Dr. Featherstone. From convenient removable denture options you take out daily for cleaning and sleeping, to the security and stability of fixed implant solutions, you can get the tooth replacement solution perfect for you with flexible treatment choices from our comprehensive practice. Please know there is never a need to worry about the procedure or let anxiety and fear keep you from getting the care you need, as sedation dentistry options are also available.


Complete Implant Treatment From Your General Dentist

As an Associate Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr. Featherstone has amassed the advanced experience and expertise to both surgically place your implants and restore them with implant crowns or a denture appliance. You can receive your brand new teeth in our familiar, comfortable practice without needing a referral to a prosthodontist or other specialist.

Find out which tooth replacement option is right for your oral needs by scheduling your private visit with Dr. Featherstone today.