Trubisky’s going to get a second chance. But which team?

Chicago quarterback Mitch Trubisky appeared on the field for only one snap in the loss against the Saints. He went for a takeaway and scored three yards, but suffered a shoulder injury.”Mitch is good. He is given the maximum importance of the role in which he is now. He is useful for us as a player who can score yards, including kicks. In every game, we would like to use his strengths so that our opponents have to prepare for such situations,” Bears head coach Matt Nagy said after the match.

As a result, Trubisky may have played his last draw in the form of “Chicago.” He will get his next chance in the new season and another team. He, like Ryan Tannehill before him, will have to prove his worth through the role of a backup. But he’ll definitely have a second chance. They’re always given to quarterbacks.

“Mitch has good sides. Athleticism, for example. Strong throw, mobility. He’ll get an opportunity elsewhere. It doesn’t matter that he was selected in the first round,” said ESP analyst Matt Bowen, who spent six years in the NFL. But which teams could host Trubisky? We talked about it with Bowen and an anonymous top manager of one of the league teams.

“I don’t think he’s a very good quarterback. Right now, he’s perfect for the role of spare. If I were his agent, I would be looking for a team with a good reputation for developing the seventh,” the manager said.

At Tennessee, Ryan Tannehill went from being a disappointment to a player of Proboul’s caliber. He got his second chance after a bad period for Miami and took advantage of it. But do not forget that Tannehill very seriously won and due to a favorable environment.

“The Titans have a very specific model of a pass play. The attack is built around the takeaway, and the pass benefits from the threat of takeaway. Lots of play-action and clear rules for reading pass options. The quarterback knows, “Well, I’m showing the takeaway, I’m looking at the receiver in the depths, I’m putting my foot in the turf and throwing it.” He knows exactly who is option Number 1 in a separate draw. If there is an opportunity to throw a pass – the ball will fly into the goal. If not, we move on to the second option.

Mitch is able to react correctly to situations when the first version of the pass is closed. He can extend the kicking draw, come up with something on the go. But before that, the draw is built on a specific scheme. Tannehill got to do that,” Bowen said.

When Tannehill throws a pass in-depth, in most cases it is not improvisation. Bowen argues that Trubisky will have the strength of his hand to make such a prank: “These long-range throws are also planned. For example, in a situation of the first-and-ten in the area of the center of the field. You can put three tight ends and provide the quarterback with maximum protection. Trubisky has trouble reading the defense as the whole draw progresses. When the draw scenario is not consistent enough, Mitch is a little lost.”

Plus, in “Titeens” the responsibility for the result will be on the shoulders of another performer.

“Every time it’s Derrick Henry’s benefit. They’ve got the whole attack locked up. Tannehill is rarely asked to win a match on his own. He doesn’t throw that much at all. No one puts pressure on him to say, “Here’s the ball, get us a win,” the NFL manager said. Now the Browns have a backup, Case Keenan. But at the Vikings, for example, Cousins remains the only quarterback with a contract for the 2021 season.

“Cleveland has the same offense as Minnesota. This is Gary Ubiak’s school. With a lot of movement, a lot of deceptive maneuvers, the quarterback is guided by specific clues and draws unequivocal conclusions. The player often has the opportunity to read the routes from top to bottom and start from the actions of a single defender,” Bowen said. Mike Simmer has previously called the Vikings a takeaway team. The problem is that these clubs have a hard time if they fall behind in the score and have to play a lot of passes. Still, in Minnesota, Trubisky would have felt in his place.