Tyra Banks and the demise of the top model show (Part 3)

According to statistics of The Atlantic, from the first season to the 20th season, ANTM held the No. 1 position in the US reality television world.

In particular, in season one to nine, this series keeps a steady view of about 5 million viewers/episode.

From 2007 to 2010, the series Next Top founded by Tyra Banks was rated the most attractive on CW TV. Brands are willing to spend $ 61,315 for every 30 seconds of advertising. This number was a record high in 2011, outperforming the rest of the programs on CW.

Not only in the US, but Tyra’s program is also even more powerful when more than 40 countries and regions buy copyright and production. In each country, the format has a certain difference. This makes the Next Top Model series become diverse and attract many classes of audiences.

Although America’s Next Top Model is the pride of Tyra Banks, it comes with negative prejudices from experts.

“The Godfather Chanel” Karl Lagerfeld once frankly criticized the show for nothing. “This trash is only funny for 5 minutes if you are with someone or it is not at all funny if you are alone. Those young girls will never be like supermodels. They are of no use to the fashion industry”, he stressed.

Allure magazine said that ANTM attracts viewers only because of the quarrels between girls, not really impressive. “ANTM can’t actually train a single model. By comparison, American Idol contestants have many better chances of working even if they don’t win”, the article wrote.

Indeed, while it is called the top model training program, the Next Top series does not accomplish this. The program was born in America, the oldest fashion center of the world. This place has produced and gathered many supermodels that Tyra Banks themselves must respect and succumb to.

Because of that, the fact that the program is criticized “not to train any supermodels” is also predictable. Because, no one can become a supermodel, top model within 14 short episodes.

In the history of the competition, two really successful contestants, in line with the direction of training the top model in America are Leila Goldkuhl (Top 3 season 19) and vitiligo model Winnie Harlow (Top 6 season 21 ).

After stepping out from ANTM, Winnie Harlow was noticed for her distinctive look. She has worked with many brands, typically Moschino and Julien Macdonald. In addition, the top 6 ANTM steps on the runway Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018.

Candidate Leila Goldkuhl is really “top model” in accordance with the program’s criteria. After ANTM, Goldkuhl continues to work in couture. In 2016, she debuted as a professional model on Givenchy’s runway in New York, USA.

As a natural rule, America’s Next Top Model from a popular reality TV show was no longer the spiritual dish expected by audiences.

Lack of good scripts, unsatisfactory winners, declining quality, or Tyra Banks no longer confident in their own charm are the reasons why the show falls into a dead end.

The number of 1.7 million views per episode in season 20 (2013) of ANTM proves that this series has gradually come to an “end”. By 2015, the CW channel officially stopped broadcasting ANTM due to the decrease in advertising, the view at the bottom.

In 2016, VH1 revived the cult model series. However, the ratings and sales figures are not very satisfactory. Also because of the drop in rating, the “mother” of Next Top Model made a bold decision to stop being a host after 13 years. This position was replaced by less-known singer Rita Ora.

Tyra Banks thinks it’s time for the program to reform. She said, “The most interesting thing for me is to have selected a direction for America’s Next Top Model’s comeback when the host of the show is a singer-actress, not a model. I want to create more great things in the new season ”.

The owner of the hit I Won’t Never Let You Down is expected to attract audiences, especially young people. However, this is considered a wrong decision, Tyra’s step backward.