“Very passionate and passionate. This weekend kicks off the premiere of a new sports reality show for Ukraine”

The Women’s League of American Football fascinates not only with the beauty of the bodies, but also with animal aggression, lack of fear of injury in limited form, and struggle until the last seconds.

Legends Football League is a women’s league of American football, established in 2013. Previously, the game was called Lingerie Football League (Football League in underwear). The peculiarity of the game is that in addition to the protection of clothing on the players there is only a bra and shorts.

What’s the point? What are the rules?

The goal of the game is to score the maximum number of points, tossing the ball into the opponent’s scoring zone (touchdown) or overcoming as many yards as possible in the direction of the opponent’s scoring zone. The team with the most points wins.

Between the fights, there are replacements of players, which allow the coach to choose the best line-up of the team for each particular situation.

What chips? 

Most of the athletes are former professional football players, volleyball players or basketball players. The team is strictly selected on three important criteria: athleticism, beauty, and self-confidence. 

The uniforms of football players deserve special attention. That’s what some of them said.

Heather Ferr, Chicago Bliss quarterback: “I think when little girls watch our game, they can see not only the form, but also the role model.”

Toledo Crush player Maria Condrick said: “Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Just sit down and watch. You will forget about our clothes after the first powerful collision.”

Some players have reacted to the form ambiguously or positively. One of them said, “I just appreciate football, I don’t care what I’m wearing,” while another spoke out for limited clothing, saying, “I’m so comfortable.”

Cool. Where to look?

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