1. The similarity

According to some comments of the American football professionals, this sport and rugby have some similarities in features as well as the way to play. The most difference that anyone can realize is the helmet that players will hold whenever they are in a match. There are various American Football codes that participants can easily choose the most suitable one for themself such as Union, League or Assie Rules. Players often change their code in each match to prove the determination to make a successful performance. Will this happen the same with Rugby ?

If you are a fan of both two sports, you may point out some features that represent these sports. Firstly, the fields have the same dimensions and players who want to take part in this sport need to have a good health situation. Besides, the ball which is used in the match should be generated in the same appearance so that players can easily hold it.

  1. Differences

Although Rugby and American Football have the same features, they appear to contain some differences that we can know if we have a long time playing it. The first thing is about protective systems. As you may know, American Football is treated as one of the most dangerous sports up to now. Players have to compete with others by hitting body parts such as legs, shoulders, … Due to the characteristics of each sport, the product should be created suitably to make sure that players will be protected carefully.

Another difference is the speed as well as the method to play well. Rugby is a sport that has thick padding and high protection from the helmet, so players can feel confident to do some strong hits. However, participants have more time to relax after a long day of practicing while American Football has to play continuously for hours. Rugby has two halves of 40 minutes for each part while American Football contains four quarters of 15 minutes. 

  1. The affection of COVID 19 towards both these two sports

As you may know, the United States is the nation that has the highest cases of people who have positive tests for COVID 19. This prevents these two sports from being held in the next time and there is no spectator at all. Some online casinos are created to cater to players’ tastes and the government can make some profit from that. Fans of the two sports feel satisfied with the way bookmakers are doing and hope that it will develop in the near future.