What is American football – Best answer for you (Part 2)

3. What is an American style football team?

Usually, the American football team has 53 people, and is divided into 3 small teams including offensive team, defense team and special team.

* Offensive Team (Offense Team)

• Center (C): serves (1 person)

• Guard (G): Midfielder (2 people)

• Tackle (T): Stripper (2 people)

• Quarterback (QB): A pitcher or a linger (1 person)

• Running back (RB): Midfielder (1 person)

• Wide Receiver (WR): The catcher (2 people)

• Tight end (TE): The stopper (2 people)

The seven rows of people on the pitch consisted of a center-serve man in the middle, flanked by two giant midfielders (guard), next to the two midfielders were two giant tackle, and on the outside were the two men ball (wide receiver).

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The captain (quarterback) will stand behind the server (center). Behind him is the central defender (halfback or running back) or defender (fullback).

The two tight-end guys will stand behind between the wide-receiver and the big tackle.

Although they can use different teams depending on the situation, the number of players in the upper row must be at least 5 people.

* Defense Team

It is similar to the attacker’s side where the players must concentrate to reclaim the ball from the attacking team.

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4. What is the rules of American football?

• A team only scores when the player of the team places the ball behind the goal line, or the goal line, to count.

• The method of scoring is as follows: putting the ball into the penalty area (touchdown) and placing it behind the goal line will get 6 points, then kicking the goal from a distance of 3 yards will be added 1 point or 1 touchdown from 3 yards will get 2 points. The free kick succeeds 3 points when the ball goes over two vertical columns into the crossbar.

• Players take turns to attack and defend. The attacking team is allowed to make 4 turns to get the ball to a distance of 10 yards.

• If no points are scored during that attack then the other team has the ball. Each time the right to change is changed, all 22 players of the two teams will be substituted.

• The team that loses the ball will replace all defensive players, while the previous defensive team will replace the attacking team.

• American football time: 60 minutes in a match, divided into 4 innings, except downtime (out of play), sometimes the total time on the field is up to 180 minutes.

• The ball is made of leather, weighs 400grams, oval, 2 white lines to look good but not in the NFL. The referee is also known as the “Zebra” for a white uniform, black stripes. Each match has 4 to 7 referees on duty.