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Light Up a Room With Your Smile

A Bright, White Smile Awaits You

The wide array of drugstore whitening products may be tempting, but the benefits of choosing professional delivery systems far exceed any over-the-counter option. If a bright, white smile is something you wish to enjoy, let Dr. Richard Featherstone create a customized whitening treatment plan to match your specific cosmetic goals.


Why Choose Professional Whitening Over Drugstore Options?

  • Deeper level of whitening achieved
  • Monitored safely by dental professionals
  • Tailored to your specific cosmetic preferences
  • Applied to tooth structure only, eliminating risk of soft tissue damage

Get Ready to Grin, From Ear to Ear

Depending on your smile goals, teeth whitening may be a simple procedure to light up your smile or the final touch of a more complex full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Featherstone has spent years providing whitening services for our patients, and trusts the KöR® whitening system to help you achieve an exceptionally beautiful smile.


What Can KöR Whitening Do for You?

  • Erases years of staining from coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine
  • Corrects staining caused by tetracycline and other environmental factors
  • Leaves you with brilliant, bright, natural-looking teeth
  • Drastically increases your confidence in your smile

Are you Ready

Learn more about how Dr. Featherstone can enhance your smile and self-confidence with professional whitening? Contact our office today, and schedule your visit with our friendly team.


Seeing is believing! Visit before and after photos of our recent cases, and discover the difference professional teeth whitening can make.


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