Why does the North American Football League (MLS) have no form of relegation (Part 2)

Before learning about the underlying cause, it’s important to know that all of the remaining 5 professional leagues in North America (American football, Canadian rugby, baseball, basketball, and hockey) do the same.

Therefore, the simple answer to the question in the title is because other leagues in North America are the same.

Why the tournaments in North America are organized like this is so much history. Here we will compare the development of the two oldest leagues in Europe and North America: the Football League and the National League, which is money. to develop the soccer leagues in other European countries and other North American leagues.

Football League (FL) was born in 1888 with 12 teams in central England, competing in a circle format to select champions. Similarly, the National League (NL) was born in 1875 with 8 teams in the northeastern United States and also in a circular format. However, because football in England at that time had developed and had many professional teams, the FL organizers had a rule that allowed the team with the worst performance at the end of the season to be eliminated by votes.

Meanwhile, before the NL was established, there were many other professional baseball leagues that failed. That’s why finding a team to compete is already an achievement, let alone team selection. Also, the pitch conditions for baseball in the late 19th century were generally more difficult than soccer, so there were fewer professional baseball teams than professional soccer teams.

After a season of organizing, realizing the success of FL, the Football Association tournament was born to compete for influence. While in America, the American League was born after that with the same purpose. After a few parallel seasons, both countries witnessed the merger of 2 tournaments. However, due to different conditions as well as history, the way of merging is different.