Why does the North American Football League (MLS) have no form of relegation (Part 3)

In the UK, because the Football League was born before and has a greater influence, when merged, the teams in the Football League (now the First Division) will be higher when comparing to the teams in the Football Association.

Since then, two divisions are formed and in order to create consistency, there will be a move up and down between the two tournaments after each season. Meanwhile in the US, both the National League and the American League are not too different, so the two merged tournaments will work in parallel and create a joint tournament (Major League Baseball). To create consistency, the two champions of the two tournaments will compete against each other to compete for the US baseball championship.

It was the primitive form of relegation and relegation in Europe and the final format used to define champions in North America. However, the question remains as to why in each region there was a series of elimination matches, not just one final match as in the early days. That also relates to history. Major League Baseball (MLB) later expanded south and west. However, this expansion (circa 1950s) appeared before the popularization of commercial aircraft (1960s and 1970s), making it difficult to navigate, especially for a large country. as large as the US (the distance between New York and Los Angeles is up to 4000 km).

Due to the small size of European soccer countries, football leagues in Europe do not have this problem (the only soccer player with a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland was Brazil until the 1970s when a championship was established. countries in the form of a circle) Therefore, in the two mini prizes of the MLB tournament, it is required to divide the region.

For example, the National League is divided into two regions of East and West and champions of each region will compete against each other to choose the champions of the National League.