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Leagues and Teams

This section starts you off with a description of the NFL. It gives you a picture of the NFL and its teams, league structure and even popularity.

Possible 2020 Winners of the Superbowl

This section presents you with an in-depth analysis of the teams that won the super bowl in 2020. Apart from just mentioning names, this section has an analysis of the teams, the match highlights and even includes a section about Patrick Mahomes who became the super bowl MVP of 2020.

Playing American Football

This section introduces you to American football. It talks about the rules, the players, and how the players score points. It also goes further and breaks down the various kinds of team formations that you are likely to find during a match. These teams include the offense team, the defense team and other special teams.

The section delves deeper and discusses the various markings on the field and why they are important. It also shows you the different kinds of players that a team can have. This includes:

  • Quarterbacks (QB)
  • Offensive Linemen
  • Receivers
  • Running Backs

One of the least understood topics in American football is the scoring. This section covers every kind of score starting from the touchdowns, field goals, extra points and even safety points.

There is a treasure trove of information for every kind of American football fan.